Hoi An chicken rice

Not only in Hoi An, Hoi An chicken rice is also a popular dish in many other cities throughout the S-shaped land. Evenly, if you are on Hanoi street food, you will also catch many shops selling this speciality – Hoi An chicken rice shops. However, there may not any shop that can keep the flavor of this dish intact as it is in its homeland.

12 Delicious Food In Hoi An (Part 1)

To make delicious chicken rice, rice must be marinated first and then cooked with chicken broth and pineapple leaves. In particular, rice is cooked on wood stoves, but not modern rice cookers. Because of that, the rice keeps the aroma of the smoke of the wood and straw, creating a characteristic flavour for Hoi An chicken rice. Besides, the chicken after boiled will be shredded into fibers, mixed well with onions, herbs and spices to create a tasty favor and then laid on the plate with rice. Chicken rice is served with papaya sweet and sour cucumber, Tra Que vegetables and a bowl of hot and charming soup.

The most famous shop selling Hoi An chicken rice is probably the Ba Buoi chicken rice brand at 22 Phan Chu Trinh. Since this store has extreme popularity, about 7 pm, the shop is out of stock, so if you want to enjoy this dish here, you should come a little early. Choose hotels in Hoi An city to easily enjoy all smell of Hoi An cuisine.

Hoi An banh beo

Banh beo is a special dish Hoi An always attracts diners every afternoon. Smooth rice flour is poured into each small plate and placed in an autoclave. The plate of cake after steamed has pure white, smooth, and has a circle in the middle. The ingredients of the cake is made from shrimps, chopped meat marinated with spices, then stir-fried and added wiht a little rice flour to create the consistency and consistency. Especially, in Hoi An, people do not use chopsticks or forks to eat banh beo, but use a small bamboo stick in the form of a blade, called “bamboo knife” to eat cakes. This unique way of eating also attracts many curiosity of customers, and makes a difference for Hoi An banh beo.

In Hoi An, you can enjoy a hot and white banh beo at street vendors, enjoying the feeling of being a real local people.

Banh dap – fried mussels

This is a type of cake that is very familiar to people in Quang Nam and is considered a unique kind of Hoi An specialty. Banh dap, also known as banh chap, is actually a piece of rolled sheets clamped between two thinly grilled rice paper. When eating, visitors on food walking tour not only feel the crispy taste of the rice paper but also the sweet taste of the rolled sheets. Normally, the cake will be eaten with stir-fried mussels to increase the fatty taste.

The address for eating delicious cake in Hoi An is the famous Ba Gia shop in village 1 of Cam Nam commune. The shop is near Cam Nam bridge, after going through the bend and going to reach 200 meters, you will see the sign of the shop.

Banh mi Hoi An

Banh mi Hoi An is not only famous for domestic tourists but also famously internationally. Many international cuisine experts admire the taste of banh mi Hoi An. Banh mi Hoi An is plentiful with a variety of vegetables, creating an attractive taste captivating many tourists on Vietnam food tours. At the famous Hoi An shops, there are always many customers queuing up to buy. Sometimes, even though it is too late, the tourists were patiently waiting in line to taste this delicious street food.

When coming to Hoi An, you definitely have to enjoy banh mi Hoi An at Phuong shop located on the famous Hoang Dieu street which has been praised by many foreign experts. Or there is also Madam Khanh Bread Shop, which is equally famous on Tran Cao Van Street.

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