Ao Vua tourist resort is located in Tan Linh commune, Ba Vi district, about 70 km west of Hanoi. This place is associated with the ancient legend that Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh (The God of The Mountains and The Seas) used to fight to become the son-in-law of King Hung.

Ao Vua Tourist Resort

The beauty of Ao Vua

Ao Vua is made up of the sword of Son Tinh (The God of The Mountains), thrust into this land to supply water for troops. The battle of the two gods forever is one of the most beautiful legends of the Vietnamese. This is also the place where The God Tan Vien helps the people renovate the river, regulate the flow to prevent floods, and use water, teach people how to transplant rice, weave silk, heal some diseases, etc. Therefore, visitors on food walking tour to the Ao Vua not only enjoy beautiful scenery but also bathe in the water of the ancient King, Visit Son Tinh – Thuy Tinh Cave, from which to find the roots of the country.

Ao Vua eco-tourism site is one of the rare places outside of Hanoi. which still preserves the majestic mountainous scenery of nature. Space here is full of historical beauty and special fresh air will make this place suitable for the weekend or holidays. At the first time, visitors on Hanoi street food tour will be surprised by a perfect masterpiece of “Mother Nature” with a romantic nature, a precious gift of nature giving to human beings.

Interesting activities

In Ao Vua, tourists on Hanoi street food walking tour will have a chance to climb mountains, conquer waterfalls, listen and enjoy to the murmuring water, admire the white clouds, and immerse themselves in the romantic and lyrical scenery. If you are a dynamic person, you can have fun in the water park, play a game of swings and if you are a romantic guest, you can wander on Tien Lake or play with animals in the garden.

On the summer nights, visitors can roam the floating house system or float on the boathouses under the stars shimmering light and then immersed in the smell of lotus. After enjoying the specialties of the mountains of Tan Vien Mountain, you can go to Upper Temple, Middle Temple, and Lower Temple, the relic of President Ho Chi Minh.

At present, Ao Vua tourist area is being expanded to include: animal garden, fairytale garden, European statue garden, enriching the forest ecology.

Besides, it is an international 3-star hotel with 101 rooms, 500-seat hall, cafeteria and meeting room with area up to 5,000m2 and many attractive games such as multipurpose house, moon park, Formula 1 race track, mountain sports area, tennis court, many large swimming pools which can accommodate thousands of people at the same time.

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Come to Ao Vua, tourists can easily combine tours with Ngoc Nhi ancient garden, Suoi Hai lake, Bang Ta forest … And when you leave, you can buy a variety of tourism products, that is fine art vases, exquisite and unique items beautifully made from bamboo materials by skilled hands of the people here.

Enjoying nature, enjoying bathing in the fanciful space of cultural legends, modern amenities, coming to Ao King, you will see beautiful and interesting life around you.