Bun Thang (Hanoi vermicelli noodle soup with chicken, egg, and pork) is one of the traditional dishes that shows the sophisticated and elegant style of Hanoi cuisine. It is the harmonious combination dish of color, flavor, and nutrition.

What is “Bun Thang”?

This hot rice noodle soup originates from Hanoi, a capital in the northern religion of Vietnam. “Bun” means noodles and “Thang” literally translates to the ladder of “Thang thuoc bac”, means “prescription”.  So locals called that because of the recipe is a mixture of many different toppings and various ingredients to make stock. Therefore, Bun Thang also provides many nutrients that are beneficial to the users same as the name of the dish.

The unique feature

Previously, the Hanoians only have the opportunity to enjoy Bun Thang on special occasions such as the Tet holiday- Vietnamese lunar new year. The Hanoi’s woman has skillfully utilized the remaining of food from the Tet holiday, combining to create a “new” food that delicious and economical at the same time. Because of making remaining food, the ingredients of Bun Thang are a little bit chicken, pork, egg, shrimp and some vegetables. All the toppings are cut into the same size matchsticks and served with the hot stock and rice noodles in a big bowl. Thanks to that, this dish is very colorful and multi-flavors.

Some  Hanoians vase Bun Thang with a five-colors flower because of its eye-catching appearance. In the middle of Bun Thang bowl are a dark yellow salted egg, surrounded by golden fried chicken eggs, white lean pork paste, white chicken and yellow chicken broth, brown shiitakes and red-orange shrimps. On the top is a little bit spring onion, red chili or pepper. All of these make Bun Thang looks like attraction for many Vietnamese in general and many tourists of Hanoi Local Food Tour in particular.

As you can see, the ingredients to make Bun Thang are very simple. However, tasty stock plays the most important role in making a delicious Thang noodle bowl. It takes at least 18 hours to make the stock – a really long process. The sweetness of cow and chicken bones and the fresh from shiitakes and dried shrimps make an appetizing Bun Thang stock.

Bun Thang is attracted by the resonance of colors, aromas, taste and nutritional value. Enjoying Thang noodles as enjoying a colorful works art. Although this delicious soup is comparatively basic in preparation and flavor, it has a rep for being fancy and fussy and represents the unique of Hanoi street food in its own ways.

It’s not all restaurants making well Thang noodle in Hanoi – the hometown of Bun Thang. The famous places which serve savory Bun Thang are Cau Go, Giang Vo, Hang Hom street, etc. Do not miss the chance to enjoy one of Vietnamese quintessential dishes when you visit Hanoi. Join us in Hanoi street food walking tour, let us help you discover Hanoi in a new way.

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