Hanoi does not welcome visitors with a Youthful and dynamic beauty like the land of Saigon. Hanoi makes us immerse into the virtual space of an ancient history. Tourists on Hanoi street food walking tour can see in each simple things existing in Hanoi the image of the ancient capital. It seems that the land of thousands of years of culture is forever bearing such a magical image, especially in the village of hundreds of years in the heart of Hanoi. Coming to Hanoi, visitors should visit the ancient villages, to see the old beauty of a time, see the time shadow printed on each old tile, to make the soul return to the golden past.

Find The Past Through Ancient Village

Cu Da ancient Village

Located in Cu Khuê Commune, Thanh Oai District, Hanoi, Cu Da ancient village seems to keep the architecture of the golden age. Here, you will be overwhelmed in the old space of an ancient village in the North, where there is a gate of the village standing resiliently next to the old Banyan tree, there are three-room ancient houses, five-room houses with red tile roof, the walls covered with moss.

But somewhere we also encounter French-style duplexes that have been built for a long time, creating a poetic beauty. It is the interference of the two cultures of East-West, of modern and ancient customs, all bring a different taste to the ancient village of Cu Da, causing many travelers enchanted.

Duong Lam ancient Village

Located in Son Tay, Hanoi, the ancient village of Duong Lam brings a beautiful simplicity. There are still green bamboos, crooked way bricked, small alleys with romantic vines, still, the village gate has experienced many ups and downs, ancient wells and small houses made of basalt stone… However, it seems that Duong Lam is so peaceful that when you set foot in that space, you can clearly imagine the peaceful pace of life a hundred years ago.

The ancient village of Lam is also full of historical values. It is the place where two Kings Ngo Quyen and Phung Hung were born, and they were the birthplace of many noble people, making us feel proud about the tradition of the Vietnamese of the thousand generations.

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Tan Uoc ancient Village

Located in Tan Uoc Commune, Thanh Oai, Hanoi, the ancient village of Uoc Le is well-known for the making lean pork paste tradition. However, the village also made many people proud of the typical architecture of the ancient village, with the gate of the village as a firm wall existing forever, the house, the communal house roof still intact for hundreds of years ago.

In addition, coming to Uoc Le ancient Village, visitors on street food tour in Hanoi have a chance to learn about the traditional craft of the village. It seems that the famous Vietnamese sausage has become a trademark of the land. It is not just a delicious dish, a Hanoi traditional food, it also contains the village culture and associated with the stories of the people here.

The ancient villages carry the thousand-year culture of the ancient capital, where we encounter the old architectural features, which are indispensable features of a village in the north centuries ago, where we can meet the peaceful scene touching the heart. In the middle of life full of worries, we would like to find again calm gentle moments on this land.