About 56 nautical miles from the city, Phu Quy makes visitors on Vietnam food tours ‘overwhelmed’ before the wild and charming beauty of the island embraced and patted by the blue ocean. The scenery is as natural painting with the sound of the earth and sky and sea that captivated visitors’ feet. Coming to Phu Quy, you will feel the fresh and sweet space that the island of Binh Thuan brings. However, the charm of Phu Quy as ‘mesmerizing’ tourists not only by the natural painting but also by the ‘reputation’ of good food. Traveling to Phu Quy, tourists must enjoy all 5 following delicious specialties.

Spanner crab

Spanner crab – The king of crab species

Seafood is always the perfect choice in both the sea and island trips, so coming to Phu Quy island, do not ignore the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful gift of the ocean. However, not being the shrimp, squid normally but the king crab, the first seafood gift you should try when visiting this small island. It is not by chance that the spanner crab is called “king of the crabs”. The king crab carried on himself an extremely hard ‘armor’ layer, with a reddish-pink color similar to that of a warrior, under the body is a small spine, big and sharp pincers.

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The crabmeat is soft and has a good taste. The spanner crab is one of the delicious dishes of the ancient kings. Traveling to Phu Quy island, visitors on food walking tour have the opportunity to enjoy this dish with affordable price, from 350,000 to 400,000 VND / kg depending on the time.

Bailer shell

Bailer shell is a familiar and extremely popular seafood in Phu Quy. Therefore, the “king snail” is processed into a variety of dishes, bringing rich cuisine to the island. Only from the bailer shell snail, people can make snail noodles, boiled snail, grilled snails, snail porridge, … But the snail reminds people to think is Phu Quy is the bailer shell snail salad. Bailer shell salad in Phu Quy must be made from the newly caught snails, retaining the oily and fresh taste of the sea.

For the delicious snail salad, Phu Quy island people often use small purple onion to add more aromatic smell, spices are also processed according to their own recipe. Bailer shell is finely chopped for spice permeate the snail meat. Snail salad is usually served with baked rolls or glutinous rice chupatty mixed with powdered shrimp. You can enjoy it easily in most snack shops on Phu Quy Island.


Not only Binh Ba is famous lobster but Phu Quy is also an ideal stop for those who want to enjoy this delicious seafood flavor. Lobster in Phu Quy sweet, when eaten on the visitors can feel the crispness of shrimp. Visitors can buy lobster in Phu Quy at prices from 500,000 to 1,000,000 VND / kg depending on the season of the year. Lobster can be processed into many different dishes such as steamed, grilled, roasted, porridge, … any food is delicious, attracting many people.

Spotted reef crab

Besides Spanner Crab, Phu Quy also has a crab also attracting for the customers, it is the spotted reef crab. The spotted reef crab is impressive by its ‘distinct appearance’, with its crimson rings as the moon. Crabs live in beaches all over the country but most are Phu Quy, the most delicious crab meat is at the time of the full moon. To experience the natural flavor and sweetness of the spotted reef crab, visitors should call steamed or grilled crab with lemon pepper. Spotted reef crabs usually cost 200,000-300,000 VND / kg.

Beef in Phu Quy

Do not think Phu Quy tourism is the only opportunity to enjoy seafood because of the small island in Binh Thuan is also famous for the hot beef that you will be ‘addicted’ at the first time you try it. Cows here are dissected and sold out in the day, not keep to the next day, so it is called “hot beef” and meat always keep the deliciousness inherent. Cows in Phu Quy are raised on natural lawns, so the beef always ensure the quality. At the price of 200,000 VND / kg, visitors on Vietnam cooking class can buy and process cows to various dishes such as roasted vegetable rolls, beef steamed ginger, stir-fried, salad, …