Hexa Club

Located on the 20th floor of C-Land, 156 Xa Dan 2, Hexa Club will bring you a new taste through unique design with hot main red tone, and romantic garden on high floors bearing the flavor of Hanoi autumn.

From the Hexa Club visitors on Vietnam food tours will be satisfied when Dac Di Lake in magical lights at night. Space is open and airy so you can be free together with friends at the weekend to relax or celebrate birthday parties.

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In addition, with its elegant architecture, and private rooms, it is suitable for holding seminars, conferences, year-end parties, family parties with the scale from small to large so Hexa Club attracted many different customers.

Another attraction of Hexa Club is the rich and varied menu of dishes prepared by the hands of skillful chefs, delicious drinks are prepared by the bartender with all enthusiasm and professionalism inherent.

Avalon Café

Avalon cafe is the most famous cafe in Hanoi. There are 4 floors from the 4th floor to the 7th floor of the building at 73 Cau Go, each floor is designed with a different style and a very nice view overlooking the panoramic view of the poetic Sword Lake. Avalon cafe is also known as “Shark’s jaw” building extremely famous. This is an address that attracts crowds of young people, successful entrepreneurs, and couples for wedding photography.

Behind the whole house is the old town, while the front is the iconic Sword Lake of Hanoi capital thousand years so Avalon cafe is also a place of choice for domestic and foreign tourists on food walking tour when coming to Hanoi. After admiring the glittering Hoan Kiem lake and Pen Tower hidden in the early morning mist, just stepping down from the bar you can visit the Old Quarter of Hanoi.

Especially, the fifth floor of Avalon cafe is designed in a very unique and impressive manner, still looks luxury but still brings feelings relaxed and comfortable for customers. It is thanks to the sophisticated lines and patterns that artists have painted on the walls combined with the special color tone such as white, yellow, brown.

The sixth floor is a private and romantic space for couples who want a peaceful moment together. On the 7th floor, you will find ancient and luxurious European architecture with a garden courtyard, which is decorated with red roses, making the scenery more alive and relaxing.

Avalon cafe is attractive with a diverse menu, attractive and impressive European and Asian flavors are appreciated by the fastidious guests.

Zodi Café

Located on the 11th floor of the building on the famous cafe street Trieu Viet Vuong, Zodi cafe attracts crowds of youngsters by its lovely, cute and romantic teenage style. It is the ideal rendezvous for teen couple dating each weekend.

The architecture is designed in the youthful style with unique and strange lines and patterns, so it will be extremely suitable for young people passionate about shooting and want to have attractive photos. The highlight of the restaurant is the white swing outside the balcony which is a “favorable location” for alluring photos.

The menu is quite diverse with delicious food and nice decorating. The reasonable price will be suitable for the needs of students, young graduates. There are also many dishes of teenage girls!

Star Café

Located on the bustling Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, opposite Hanoi Law University, Star Cafe is a new address but has attracted a lot of young people coming here with very spacious luxury space, beautiful view and romance combined with garden and live music.

Star cafe is designed with open architecture, airy space is divided into 2 parts: quiet and luxurious interior space and outside with the beautiful view of Nguyen Chi Thanh street of poetic scenery and green trees.

Star cafe is an ideal place for young people to meet or gather together with friends as well as organize exchanges, birthday parties and so on. In addition, the price here is not too expensive, suitable for both students and newcomers so tourists on Hanoi street food walking tour do not worry too much about financial issues.

Another highlight of Star Cafe is a large, beautiful and very “cherry” tree placed right at the entrance, which makes the atmosphere of the restaurant more subtle, soothing and relaxing.

The menu is quite rich and attractive with snacks and beverages in European style so you can be completely satisfied with the quality. In addition, the restaurant also serves breakfast and office lunch at extremely reasonable prices, suitable for all travelers.

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