Coming to Saigon or the western provinces, if you have not tried xeo cake, you have missed a very interesting and rustic dish. It is a popular and delicious dish of the South, depending on the area, processing, the taste of xeo cake (pancakes) can change a little bit. However, the fragrant aroma of the cake shell interspersed with shrimps, high-quality meat, both bean sprouts and green bean have always the magic attraction. This dish not only captivates the indigenous people but also makes the visitors on food walking tour cannot forget if once tried.

Four Famous Xeo Cake Shops In Sai Gon

A southern standard cake must necessarily have shrimp, meat, green peas and beans sprouts. The crust should be thin, crispy, but not burned. When eating the cake will be rolled with broccoli and all kinds of herbs, then dipped into the fish sauce which is mixed well, not too sweet.

In order to enjoy the deliciousness of xeo cake with perfect fish sauce, please quickly pocket the following famous Saigon shops selling xeo cakes:

Xeo Cake at 46A Đinh Công Tráng

This is also one of the most popular eating places in Saigon when you want to enjoy this cake. Xeo cake here is made in the Southern way, with the crispy shell and quite a lot of shrimp, meat. The sauce is delicious but not too sweet. The vegetables are clean and hygienic.

For each piece of cake is priced from 70,000 (ordinary cake) to 100,000 VND (mixed type), the cake core is quite high-quality because it is too much and full. However, according to many gourmets, the cake here is somewhat more oily, so it is best when visitors on Vietnam food tours come to eat, you should depend on your own taste to order enough.

Xeo cake at 335 Dien Bien Phu Street, District 3

Speaking of traditional xeo cake, many of the devotees in Saigon remember the traditional cake at 335 Dien Bien Phu Street, District 3. From a small shop on the sidewalk, This gradually captured the sentiment of the diners, then became a famous dish of Saigonese.

As well as typical xeo cake, the cakes consist of pork bacon, green beans, shrimp, … In addition, with the special cake, customers who are on vietnam food tour will enjoy the fatty taste of chicken eggs. Depending on the requirements of the customer, the cake shell may be thicker or thinner, and most finished cakes are left on the pan for a few seconds to maintain a certain crispness.

Xeo Cake in Muoi Xiem

In addition to the traditional cake with shrimp, meat, in this shop, you also have more options with other types of cake such as pancakes with mushroom, with coconut, xeo cake with chicken meat and chopped lemon leaves, etc. An amazing feature when eating at Muoi Xiem is diverse cake core, but is very suitable for health. At the price of 50,000 or more, pancakes are processed very large, and not greasy.

Xeo cake with forest vegetables in Trung Son

Even in the name of the cake shop also mentioned the difference of the place compared to other places, instead of ordinary vegetables, pancakes here are served with quite strange vegetables. The cake in the restaurant also has a sweet coconut heart, so when eating will not feel bored.

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The sour taste of green mango, ambarella leaves, pungent aromas of houttails, herbs mixed with fatty xeo cake, crispy crust, along with the full inner core will certainly make you satisfied.