Gia Lai dry noodles

Small dry noodle fibres like vermicelli, dry and slightly chewy. The dish is usually served with two bowls: a bowl of pho noodles with minced meat and a bowl of clear broth with flavorful taste. The chef often stewed pork and beef bones to produce this rich flavor. Guests can choose more toppings, including chicken, beef or beef pellets. Each meal varies from 30,000 VND. Restaurants often serve more vegetables and bean sprout.

Gia Lai dry noodles

Suggested address: The Red Dried Pho Restaurant is the address you cannot ignore.

Grilled chicken and rice cooked in bamboo tube

Grilled chicken rice is one of the dishes that you can not ignore. Rice is cooked in bamboo tubes, with a fragrant smell of rice mixed with the smell of bamboo, bringing the characteristic flavor of the Central Highlands mountains and forests. The chickens are grazed in the gardens, so their meat is tough, firm and has a flavorful taste. Chicken is marinated with salt, chili, lemongrass and a little honey, then clamped into a bamboo stick, grilled on a red fire. The maker must skillfully turn the chicken to not burn. The ripe chicken has a yellowish, lustrous color and attractive smell.

Rice is cooked is a kind of upland sticky rice with small, elongated seeds. After baking, peel each piece of bamboo outside, you will see the rice is white, flexible and fragrant. The sweetness, the aroma of honey absorbed into the sweet meat, accompanied by the spicy taste of chili that stimulated the taste to make visitors on Vietnam food tours eat more without getting bored.

Suggested address: You can enjoy this dish at popular shops at Pham Ngoc Thach and Han Thuyen streets for about VND 250,000.

Vermicelli with crab sauce

Vermicelli with crab sauce is also known by many people on food walking tour as crab vermicelli. The dish is called so by the characteristic smell of freshwater crab. The crab after pounding is incubated for a day to create a special smell, then bring it to cook. In addition to crab meat, to sweeten the broth, the chef also adds boiled bamboo shoots. Originating dishes in Binh Dinh, are now satisfy many Pleiku people. The meal is priced from 30,000 VND.

Suggested address: Quan Chi restaurant on Phu Hung street.

Dry beef with ant salt

Dried beef with ant salt is a dish that stimulates the curiosity of many tourists on vietnam food tour. The meat is sliced ​​into big pieces by hand and then marinated in spices and then grilled. The owner is skilful to keep the meat from burning, keeping it sweet, chewy but not dry. This dish will taste good if you put it together with salt made from a variety of weaver ants living on forest trees or in gardens. The aroma and sweetness of beef mixed with the sour characteristic of ant salt makes you want to eat forever. You can buy this dish as a gift for friends and relatives, the price of one kilogram of beef is about VND 500,000.

Grilled mountain cows

Beef is grilled but there is no smell of smoke, still clamping bamboo sticks when served. When eating, you must remove it yourself. Soft, fragrant beef pieces are served with raw vegetables.

Suggested address: You can find food in many shops in downtown Pleiku or on the way to Bien Ho. The price fluctuates for each meal from VND 60,000.

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