The capital city of Hanoi seems to be one of the destinations without the lack of the great tourist attractions of the S-shaped land. But it seems that each tourist destination has its own unique characteristics that make the visitor fascinated. One of them which must be mentioned is the trip to conquer the roof of capital  – Ham Lon – with the attractive beauty.

Ham Lon Peak – The “Roof” Of Capital

The capital of Hanoi, besides the ancient beauty of the Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake quietly in the early morning, green leaves and yellow leaves alternating among autumn, does Hanoi have beautiful other places to make visitors on Hanoi street food walking tour captivated? It probably is Ham Lon Mountain – a place with a beautiful charm on every centimeter that any visitors have to love immensely.

Unlike other tourist sites of Hanoi with ancient, gentle or quiet beauty, Ham Lon is a tourist destination that owns the natural beauty given by Mother Nature. That is the natural beauty of wild color, the majesty of the mountains, the romance of white clouds and clear air and peaceful space.

Located in the Doc Ton range, Soc Son, with a height of more than 460m, Ham Lon is considered the highest mountain of the Doc Ton range and is like the “roof” of the capital Hanoi. From Hanoi, tourists can take the freeway North Thang Long – Noi Bai to reach Ham Lon. Just about 40km from the center of Hanoi, Ham Lon is the destination that visitors choose for every weekend camping, to watch the beauty of nature or the practice of climbing.

At the foot of Ham Lon, there are two ways to choose to conquer peak – the majestic and wild roof of capital. The first one is suitable for those who are not very passionate about adventure exploration, that is the flat road, and you need just go and go. Following this way, you only spend 2 or 2 and a half hours, visitors on Hanoi street food tours can get to Ham Lon. It is quite safe for you to go on this road.

The second way is more dangerous, especially suitable for adventurous travelers who not afraid of hardship or want to train for their health. In this way, visitors have to cross the streams, dense bushes, so travel time is more than 3 hours.

No matter how tired during the trip, when you set foot on Ham Lon, visitors will be extremely fascinated with the attractive beauty in every centimeter of Ham Lon peak. Touching the first glimpse of tourists is a vast space, vast and green forests and majestic mountains. Bau stream is a clear green color reflecting the entire beauty of the Ham Lon and the Doc Ton Range and the clouds and mist spreading on top of the mountain.

At Ham Lon peak, you can spend a camping trip beside Bau stream with a delicious barbecue. Being away from the city with bright lights, Ham Lon is a suitable place for tourists to camp and enjoy the beauty of the galaxy and sky. The bright stars in the sky make visitors think that they have a step that goes beyond the universe, mixed with light from stars.

If tourists on Hanoi food tours ask destination cannot forget to visit when traveling the capital, it must be Ham Lon. Arrive immediately for the trip, conquer the roof of capital as a preparation for the trip to conquer the higher mountains!