Hanoi is not only famous for its cultural beauty – its long history, the gastronomy of the capital city is also an attraction that visitors should not ignore. In the cuisine, there are many different dishes, including hot pot – a dish bringing Ha Thanh color. This article will take visitors to choose travel Ha Noi to enjoy the best hot pot!

Beef dipping in vinegar hot pot

Beef dipping in vinegar hot pot is not an “ancient” type of hot pot in Hanoi, it just appeared in Hanoi in recent times but extremely popular Ha Thanh people.

Beef dipping in vinegar hot pot is popular with many people because of its delicious taste, beef is soft and sweet when processing this dish. In this dish, besides the beef is marinated with vinegar, the broth is added lemongrass, onion, some pineapple slices have made the pot become more delicious, extraordinary charm. Enjoying the beef dipping in sour vinegar hot pot, with the sauce or rice paper with family and friends a rainy day is so excellent!

Guests can enjoy the hot pot dish served at 19 Hoe Nhai, Hanoi with a set of the hot pot of 500,000 VND / 4 people. In addition, Hien Thanh Street, Buoi Street, Doc Ngu Street … will be a perfect choice!

Chicken hot pot

Chicken hot pot is considered one of the most famous and popular hot pot in Ha Thanh. This is a familiar dish not only of the Ha Thanh people that visitors on Hanoi street food tour to this should also try once.

Hanoi And The Best Hot Pot (Part 1)

Hanoi chicken hot pot with crispy chicken pieces, freshly fragrance of fresh chicken which is not cooked with broth, but neatly placed on the plate. This allows diners to easily add more or less chicken depending on the number of people eating. A complete hot pot on the table includes chicken, broth, spinach, herbs, wormwood, vermicelli, mushrooms, etc.

Some chicken hot pot restaurants in Hanoi are quite good and popular that visitors on street food tour in hanoi can try such as chicken with vinegar hot pot on Tran Nhan Tong street with a pot of chicken hot pot for 5-6 people of 350,000 VND, Hoa Lo – Au Co chicken hot pot is about 300,000 VND / pot for 4 people, To Hieu chicken hotpot on Cua Bac street.

Porridge hot pot

Hanoi porridge hot pot is a combination of two familiar dishes and Hanoi traditional food – porridge and hot pot, there are three types of porridge hot pot that Ha Thanh people, as well as tourists, come here to love: pig intestine porridge hot pot, fish porridge hot pot and sparerib porridge hot pot. On rainy days, friends and family gather to eat together porridge hot pot, It is so warm, isn’t it?

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The common point for porridge hot pot is the broth stewed from the bones along with some herbs to create a unique flavor. However, each type of soup porridge has own recipes and is eaten with a variety of vegetables that help each dish has its own color and appeal to customers. Hot porridge hot pot warming up stomach will be very suitable for travelers on the trip to Hanoi!

Guests can visit Nguyen Cao Street to enjoy porridge hot pot, or porridge hot pot on Quan Su Street, Vong Duc, Dao Duy Tu, Hoe Nhai, etc.