Frog hot pot

A hot pot that when setting foot in Hanoi, visitors on food tour in hanoi should not ignore is frog hot pot. Frog hot pot attracts diners from the first scent with the sour, pungent spicy flavor in each piece of frog meat. Frog meat is soft, smooth with moderate sour broth made from bamboo shoots, making the taste unforgettable.

Hanoi And The Best Hot Pot (Part 2)

Frog hot pot is a good suggestion for visitors on Hanoi street food tours who are too familiar with other common types of hot pot. Hotpot broth fragrant with lemon grass, mushrooms, combined with the sour taste of bamboo shoots, sweet of frog meat will make you cannot stop. Eating frog hotpot will be great when you enjoy the piece of tiny frog legs pretty but sweet, with the sour and spicy hot pot broth. The common price for a frog hot pot is 180,000 VND for 2 people, and for 4 people is 250,000 VND.

On a rainy day in Hanoi, visitors on food tour in Hanoi can come to the frog hotpot restaurant in the head of lane 290 Kim Ma. Frog hot pot here is very popular with young people and the price is also affordable which is only 300,000 VND for 5 or 6 people. In addition, there is also a delicious frog hot pot on Truc Bach Street, Gia Lam, etc. Rainy season in Hanoi permeates every taste of frog hotpot!

Snail hot pot

Different from beef dipped in vinegar hot pot, the snail hot pot is a “long life” in Hanoi. The snail hot pot attracts diners by the aroma of the snail and the brittle sensation when chewing on a piece of the snail. Besides the snail, the hot pot dishes accompanied by fried tofu, Jiaozi, and banana, which are the spice accompany when eating sour and spicy hot pot on Hanoi rainy days.

When the snail hot pot is presented in front of you, you will fell the sour and spicy smell. However, the main food in the snail hot pot also makes you more attracted. Not as monotonous as you think, in addition to the Heliciculture snails, there are more meatballs, jiaozi, etc, all are processed from snails. Beside that similar to snails with tofu, snails hot pot have more fried tofu, green banana, and bacon. Each ingredient has its own taste, contributing to the hot pot of snail more delicious and special.

Guests can choose to enjoy this “snail hot pot” at Quan Ba Luong Restaurant located in alleyway Khuong Thuong on Truong Chinh street with 40 years, the price is 300,000 VND a hot pot for 4 people or at Hang Ba Teo Restaurant at 104-C6 To Hieu, Cau Giay, bringing tourists delicious dish!

Crab hot pot

The special thing of crab hotpot in Hanoi is that it is popular in the hot summer or cold winter. The attractiveness of crab hot pot the delicious pieces of crab meat processed thoroughly and the sweet broth made from the bone. Crab meat is scrambled with tomatoes, fresh scallion, and broth.

Pho Duc Chinh street has many restaurants but special and most crowded restaurant is at 66 Pho Duc Chinh, a hot pot for 4 people cost about 400,000 – 500,000 VND. The restaurant opens until 22h. Guests can also visit the Kim Ma Street, the Nguyen Du – Le Duan to enjoy this the delicious hot pot.

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