In fact, you do not need to wait until the weather becomes really cold to enjoy the snail. Just the weather is a little bit cool, just a little rain, the snail is already delicious. Hanoi in this season is so amazing, sitting in front of the tray of the snail sautéed with lemongrass, fat boiled snail dipping in the bowl of sour spicy sauce is a tiny happy experience you cannot forget in your life.

Hanoi Culinary In Cold Winter


It is said that bun cha will be more delicious when eaten in winter. Indeed, The sauce of bun cha with papaya, in the winter, will be heated, that makes the Hanoi traditional food warmer and more fragrant. Grilled pork pies, grilled meat, pork pies wrapped with leaves, spring rolls or crab spring rolls, all are hot to serve visitors.

Bun dau mam tom

A flat winnowing basket full of the pieces of crispily fried tofu that have been pulled from the oil pan, then the fried cha com (young rice pork pies), boiled leg meat, boiled sausage always has a special attraction for many Vietnamese people as well as foreign visitors who take Hanoi street food. Shrimp paste is adđe with more lemons juice, more chili, the more you beat it, the more delicious the shrimp paste is. If you can not eat shrimp paste because of its strong smell, fish sauce is also a good choice!

Bun oc

Someone told me that bun oc is created for the cold season. It is true. Indeed, a bowl of noodle with delicious and fresh snails, some pieces of rib, and some fried breadsticks will warm up your cold winter.


Finding a delicious food in Hanoi winter is so easy, just something hot is really amazing. Pho is eatable all year round, but winter is definitely tastier! Pho Hanoi is now sold anywhen, with the rich menu. There is no food easy to eat as the winter pho Hanoi!

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Rib porridge

There are dishes for the afternoon, and the ribs porridge is the first choice. Unlike porridge in other places, porridge in general and ribs porridge in Hanoi, in particular, are always cooked from milled rice. Both the porridge and ribs are soft, eaten with fried breadsticks, and a little bit rousong.

Grilled spring rolls

Not a typical winter dish, but this grilled spring roll is an ideal choice in the cold weather. Because it is grilled, spring rolls are very fragrant, especially in the cold weather, it is more and more attractive for many visitors to Hanoi street food walking tour. Along with grilled spring rolls, there are also grilled fish balls, yellow fish, etc. which are also fragrant, sweet, dipped in spicy chili sauce.

Sticky rice

In the cold winter morning, there is nothing which is more interesting than enjoy a pack of steamed sticky rice. Even a pack of sticky rice without nothing also captivate many stomachs of people and sticky rice with meat or egg is more amazing. Hanoi sticky rice is so great choice for breakfast or dinner.


Hotpot is the great idea if you come to Hanoi on group tours. Hanoi has many kinds of hotpot such as beef dipped into vinegar hotpot, frog hotpot, Thai hotpot, kimchi hotpot, etc.

Banh troi tau

In Hanoi, only in the cold weather, this dessert is sold most. This is the best choice for those who love sweet. The cake is very soft, and the cake core is so fragrant and sweet along with the molasses, creating a “hot” dessert for Hanoians.