We have met a beautiful Vietnam sparkling in the foreign blockbuster, making the world be surprised. However, Vietnamese people still have looked forward to seeing Vietnam appear like a fairyland in a national film. Then, when the first trailers of the movie “Tam Cam – The Untold” are released, the grandiose scenes, beautiful angles combined with CGI cinematography techniques, works are added with many illusory details and reproduced in a surreal way on the old architecture, created a Vietnam as the heaven in the earth. It seems that our country has never been so beautiful, each landscape is not only monumental but also poetic, as a charming painting.

Ninh Binh with mysterious beauty through the film “Tam Cam”

Travel to the picturesque lands in each film footage of “Tam Cam” to see Vietnam stepping out from a mythological mystery.

Trang An

As a place that is recognized by UNESCO as world cultural and natural heritage, Trang An scenic spot makes people like a step into a world full of peace. It seems that the place is completely separated from the bustling life out there so that we leave the daily worries, find Trang An, sit on a small boat, gently gliding on the calm river, watching the panorama Trang An gradually passing like a slow-motion movie.

However, with the high-tech effects of the film crew, we see a surreal Trang An, making people feel that they are getting lost in a mysterious paradise world.

Trang An is present in the film “Tam Cam” is a combination of majestic limestone mountains, green trees, and alternating between canyons is a calm river. All such as the impromptu strokes on the background of watercolor painting monumental and beautiful. The colorful mosses stand out on the green river, high mountains are covered with green patches on the rock, and the clouds make the scene shining as in the fairylands.

Then, in the enchanted landscape, there is another Trang An, more sedate and mysterious by the beauty of the ancient capital, where was the first feudal capital of Vietnam. There, visitors on daily tour in Trang An can meet the temples and pagodas built from ancient time, lying in the clouds covering mountains, bringing us back to the days of the golden age of feudalism.

Tam Coc Bich Dong

People often call Tam Coc Bach Dong as “Ha Long Bay on the land” or “The second beautiful Cave in Vietnam”. This is a place where people can immerse themselves in a wild scene to infinity but also full of lyrical charm.

Coming to Tam Coc Bich Dong, the traveler on Halong Bay on land tour suddenly amazed by the beauty of the immense rice fields, winding around the gentle Ngo Dong River reflecting the majestic beauty of the limestone mountains surrounding. All painted a beautiful and poetic picture, making people find the heart so flying, and immerse in the peaceful sound of life and nature.

Bai Dinh Pagoda

Bai Dinh Pagoda is located on the slope of the mountain, surrounded by the majestic mountains and immense river. And sometimes in the afternoon color virtual, clouds hover around the mountains and the top the pagoda, the strokes full of the virtual illusion of The Creator draw a fairytale color in the place of the human.

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The pagoda stands out among the mighty mountains, converging with the quintessence of thousands of years, so just reaching the pagoda, visitors will feel that they enter the spiritual land of Buddhism.

Cuc Phuong Forest

Cuc Phuong national park is a living museum of modern times, where you can see old trees reaching thousands of years old, plants that existed from the third century and rare birds, in which there are many species have listed in the red book of the world.

A whole world is a green, the sweet green of the grass, the blue of the sky and the gentle green of the water. Sometimes we encounter more colorful butterflies hovering over, the colorful flowers hidden under the big tree and strange insects.