Since the walking street of Hanoi is in operation, the area around Hoan Kiem Lake has become an ideal destination for all ages on weekends because of open space for everyone, useful activities in the pedestrian area. However, there are still people saying that walking is boring and there are not many interesting things to do. It is because they do not know at least seven activities to do when walking to Hanoi pedestrian street.

Seven Things You Can Do When Walking To The Walking Street In Hanoi

  1. Walk on the road

Coming to walking street, the thing you must do is… walking. Wandering under the shady trees, on clean streets with open space by the Guom Lake is extremely relaxing activities. The center area of a bustling Hanoi like this, the most crowded area of the capital, nowadays, every weekend becomes a peaceful playground.

If you live in Hanoi for some time, you will also be surprised by the quietness of the street which is always full of traffic, laughing when you “forget yourself at walking street”, still comply with traffic laws, still walking on the sidewalk, although now the road is for the pedestrian.

  1. Eat ice cream

Come to Hanoi, visitors on Hanoi street food surely have heard of Trang Tien ice cream, the brand famous for many years still, have a firm foothold in the hearts of Hanoians and tourists. Or Thuy Ta ice cream also satisfies young people thanks to lemon mint ice cream. The ice cream shop is located in the pedestrian street, next to the bus stop so it is convenient for everyone to enjoy cool ice cream.

  1. Enjoy street art

Walking street is considered a great padding step for the people who love street art to be able to express themselves. From small simple guitar accompaniment to simple guitars to music band with great sound and light investment, techniques of singing and mixing with all kinds of music, dance … All harmonize with the atmosphere of Hanoi pedestrian street, contributing to the spirit of the people down to the street on the weekend.

  1. Enjoy delicious food

Located in the old town area, it is too easy to enjoy the delicious dishes of the city. There are not many restaurants in the pedestrian area, but you can take many Hanoi traditional food such as bun thang on Cau Go street, pho Ly Quoc Su, dry beef salad, fried spring rolls at Tam Thuong alley, or lemon tea at church…

  1. Participate in folk games

It’s not hard to see the crowds gathering to play folk games such as o an quan (Mandarin Square Capturing) or jumping rope … It seems that folk games are very popular and responded enthusiastically, because it seems to be the fastest way to “return to childhood”, to find the old things in the bustling rhythm of the modern world today.

  1. Keep beautiful moments

The Guom Lake area is very large and has long been a favorite shooting location. So when it becomes walking street, this place is more attractive for people to create beautiful photos with the moments of the day, looking for unique angles or simply keep memories with friends, and relative in a walk.

  1. Visit book street Dinh Le

As one of the first book street in Vietnam, so the Hanoians when referring to books and school supplies will think of Dinh Le street first. Besides countless kinds of books and eye-catching study materials, Dinh Le Street shadowed by the two rows of green trees is also a suitable place to stroll, sit and enjoy cafe in the peaceful space.

There are not many modern games invested in scale, just the street around the Guom Lake area – the center of Hanoi’s prosperity is now used for pedestrians on the weekend, the walking street is gradually becoming an “indispensable spiritual food” for Hanoians in particular and visitors on Hanoi street food walking tour.

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