1. Hemibagrus grilled on coal in Dak Nong

Place a piece of hemibargus on banh cuon with vegetables, slices of green bananas, star fruit, pineapple, vermicelli and roll it and then dip the roll in a small sauce bowl with garlic, lemon and chilli sugar. All blend with each other, creating a wonderful and delicious flavor.

  1. Bun sua Nha Trang

When enjoying the jellyfish noodle in Nha Trang, diners on Vietnam food tours will fully feel the flavorful broth, crispy and cool jellyfish and spicy of chili. A bowl of bun sua Nha Trang converges all great taste, surely you will like to enjoy more and more.

Bun sua Nha Trang

  1. Banh trang nuong – Dalat

It will be considered as a omission when you come to Dalat without enjoying banh trang nuong (grilled rice paper). On the rice paper, there are dried beef, sausage, fatty cheese and stir-fried onion with eggs. Tasting banh trang nuong, visitors on Vietnam food tour will enjoy fully the crunchy smell of rice paper, fatty flavor of cheese and the attractive aroma of dry beef. Enjoying this dish when the night comes, when the weather is cold will be an attractive moment in Dalat.

  1. Banh xeo Phan Thiet – Binh Thuan

Not as big as the banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake) often found on an aluminium pan, fatty and oily like Saigon pancake, Phan Thiet pancake is smaller, meatier, has its own charm, so crispy. All your senses are awakened when you enjoy this cake in Phan Thiet.

  1. Banh trang me – Tay Ninh

Tamarind rice paper is not so simple as the hot and spicy chilli rice paper, not too messy like the mixed rice paper, but has always been added with very … arbitrary materials of the shop. The sour taste of ripe tamarind, spicy chili taste, crispy fatty taste of roasted peanuts create an unforgettably charming taste.

  1. Com Tam Sai Gon

Com tam (Vietnamese rice) is an ordinary but famous dish of Saigon land with many attractive ingredients such as Ribs, pha lau, spring rolls, lean pork paste, etc. making it difficult for diners to ignore when coming to this place.

  1. Roasted chicken with sticky rice – Binh Duong

In Binh Duong, roasted chicken is served with sticky rice. There are many types of sticky rice as black beans sticky rice, green bean sticky rice, peanuts sticky rice, gac fruit sticky rice. A large plate of sticky rice fried is served next to a plate of fatty roasted chicken, captivating everyone who sees it. Anyone who on food walking tour has the opportunity to cross Binh Duong cannot ignore this specialty dish.

  1. Goi sau dau Chau Doc – An Giang

The dish is a mixture of bitterness of durian leaves, salty of dried fish, sour taste of mango, the aroma of very attractive vegetables.

  1. Goi Ba Khia – Bac Lieu

Ba Khia is a type of crab in the Vietnamese way of calling (this dish originated from the Khmer ethnicity). Before use, ba khia can be seasoned with spices such as sugar, chili, garlic, monosodium, lemon juice to increase its sweetness. People tore off ba khia and mixed it with the spices, leaving about 15 minutes for the spices to be eaten.

  1. Pia cake – Soc Trang

Pía cake has long been a specialty not to be missed when coming to Soc Trang. Enjoy some cakes with a sip of ginger tea, a couple of stories to warm your hearts.

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