The sticky rice bowl full of eggs, meat, lean pork paste, and rousong, and then added sweeter and sour sauce will make people captivated.

Sticky Rice At Night

First of all, sticky rice – Hanoi traditional food – is a dish easy to eat. Although the summer is very hot, when the temperature drops significantly, the stomach just vibrant because of hungry, a bowl of glutinous rice at the moment is excellent.

In Hanoi, there are many kinds of food accompanied by sticky rice such as fried eggs, roasted egg, chicken, char siu, sausage, etc. When you buy, add a little bit of roasted meat sauce or sweet and sour sauce. Let’s not forget the cucumber dish or the papaya salad is placed neatly on the table. With iced tea or a glass of soya milk, you can have the perfect formula for a night.

Sticky rice for breakfast is easy to find. You will have many options, from sticky rice shops on the road to street vendors. But finding sticky rice at night is hard, especially to find a good shop. So if you want to fill the stomach at night with bowls of glutinous rice which are very delicious with affordable price, remember to the following sticky rice shops at night.

Yen sticky rice

The most famous sticky rice shops in Hanoi is definitely Yen, even those who have not eat here also know. Yen sticky rice shop opened from early morning to about 1 o’clock at night, so if visitors on Hanoi street food crave any time of the day you can run to there to get a sticky rice bowl immediately.

The first excellent point when enjoying sticky rice here is that the rice bowl is extremely full, so the price slightly higher than other places are quite easy to understand. Mixed sticky rice will consist of eggs, meat, sausage, pate, rousong. When “solving” the bowl of sticky rice, you might feel “dizzy” because of being too full.

If you do not like to order mixed sticky rice, you can order the food depending on your preference and … “tankage” of the stomach. Yen sticky rice is usually very popular, so most people buy sticky rice and take away.

Truong Chinh sticky rice

Truong Chinh sticky rice is simply called so because it is located in Truong Chinh Street. The shop is located on the sidewalk, is just a cart with plastic chair rows that is very crowded. This crowded scene seems so familiar for those who have come here eaten sticky rice.

The most famous dish here is probably sticky rice with ribs with spicy sauce. Rice is delicious but not dry, enough to be full at night. However, if tourists on Hanoi street food walking tour are still hungry, you can call more sticky rice. And what makes this dish so sacred is the spicy sauce that that is the unique feature for this shop.

The price here is about 25-35k depending on the type. The restaurant is open from evening until midnight. At first glance, the dish seems to be slightly less than in other places but eating a meal enough to be full.

Loc sticky rice

The people around Ta Quang Buu, Le Thanh Nghi, Bach Mai, Dai La … perhaps no one is unknown to Loc sticky rice. Little shop but until ten or eleven pm night is extremely crowded, the people coming here to queue waiting to buy sticky rice is not strange.

Sticky rice is made in the traditional style, only glutinous rice is steamed into white sticky rice, not soaked with diluted turmeric juice to become yellow as other places. A handful of sticky rice will be put into the bowl, with some kind of food, followed by green papaya and herbs.

A dish of mixed sticky rice including sausages, chicken, char siu, lean pork paste, pate here costs 35 thousand dong. In addition to the sticky rice, there is also more banh mi.

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