There are good sweet soup shops that have become the trademark of the Hoi An tourist site. There are simple and rustic names that are very familiar to people who were born and grew up in this land, even with the tourists on Vietnam food tours who only come here once.

Sweet Soup - Hoi An Delicious Food

Sweet soup vendor of Mrs. Lien – As rustic as life of Hoi An

Sweet soup has long become a delicious dish of Hoi An, becoming a special feature that makes any visitors who have come to Hoi An fall in love with it.

The sweet soup shop is located at 3 Nguyen Hue Street, opposite the financial-planning office of the city. As usual, at 9 am, Mrs. Lien carry her “sweet soup shop” to sell here. Although the shop is very simply a pedlary on the road, with the deliciousness of sweet soup here, many customers visit to eat, so the shop is out of stock only in 3 hours of opening.

Enjoying the sweet soup under the cool shade of phoenix flowers, in the sound of the paper fan with the witty story of the owner of the shop, you will feel all the fun of discovering the street cuisine of Hoi An. The sweetness of the green bean sweet soup, eye-catching colors of sweet soup with grass jelly, visitors will feel that it is so elegant to eat street food in the old town, sit on the roadside with no noise, no dust, and admire so poetic scenery nestled behind the ancient roof.

Mixed sweet soup of Mrs Sau – delicious food in both two seasons

The sweet soup shop of Mrs. Sau is sold on the sidewalk with a few sets of tables and chairs, but the sweet soup always hot in the cold wind, and cool fresh in the summer sunlight has attracted a lot of tourists on food walking tour, especially, it become a great meeting point of students here.

The sweet soup shop of Mrs. Sau is located at 18 Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, Tan An District, Hoi An City, near the bus station. Here, the owner is often called by customers with the rustic name Aunt Sau. The shop sells many delicious dishes such as green bean sweet soup with coconut milk, che dau van, che troi nuoc, etc. Each dish has a different incense that you can not mistake anywhere. Take a cup of sweet soup and watch the bustling flow of people, listen to some stories of teenage girls and boys, you will feel the beauty of life.

Sweet soup of Mrs. Muoi – Banh troi thit heo on cold days

The shop is located at 4 Hoang Dieu Street, next to Hoi An Commercial Bank, which is very easy to find for tourists. If you visit the shop on a cold day, a bowl of banh troi thit heo, enjoy the charming aroma of sweet soup, of the meat, travelers will feel the warm aftertaste that this small tea shop brings.

However, in the summer, the restaurant also has green bean sweet soup, and the shop is very crowded from 9 am to 2 pm.

Red bean sweet soup of Mrs. Truc

It is easy for tourists on Vietnam food tour to find a place to eat red bean sweet soup of Mrs. Truc is located at the segment of Da hon Tree on Tran Cao Van street – Hoi An. Under the shade of ancient trees, visitors enjoy the red bean sweet soup and feel the light sweetness. In addition, on the first day of lunar month, many visitors will come here to enjoy red bean sweet soup with desire for luck, because according to the mind of Vietnamese people, the red color is the color of luck.

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