In addition to ‘backpackers’ streets – Pham Ngu Lao Street of Hue, Hoi An and Bui Vien street of Saigon, for tourists coming to Hanoi, Ta Hien Street is ‘the backpackers’ street’ that visitors cannot ignore. Ta Hien through the camera prism of the Instagram community also becomes more prominent with the bustling, fresh, vibrant colors blended with the friendship!

Ta Hien Street Through Instagram Photos

Ta Hien Street or the “international intersection” that Hanoians often call this place familiarly, has long become an indispensable destination on Hanoi local food tours. Not only the Sword Lake with diverse colors in four seasons, not only the quiet and peaceful Old Quarter, not only the roads covered golded leaves on the autumn days, but Ta Street will also be a tourist destination that once you come here, you will not want to leave.

Formerly known as the Géraud road in French colonial period, Ta Hien is only about 200m long, but it seems that when you come here, you will be exposed to most visitors coming from various countries around the world. The “international crossroads” – the name that residents here use for calling the street has said it all. When here, the Vietnamese are less, Europeans, Africans, Americans much more. Tourists not only inside the country but also the foreign when visiting Hanoi will not forget visiting this ‘backpackers’ street’.

It seems that the hustle and bustle with colorful beauty of Ta Hien Street are not only felt in real life but also found in the pictures of Ta Hien street which are widely shared on the Instagram community, making this street again become more unique than ever.

The first is the image of a street Ta Hien bustling, crowded people. Whether it is summer, in the midst of the heat of 40 degrees Celsius or freezing cold winter, people can immerse themselves in the crowd, pick up their blue chairs on the sidewalk, enjoy the delicious food or a bottle of beer. There are people who go alone, but there are also groups of friends, they also do not need to know each other, coming to Ta Hien, a stranger is also familiar, even the enemy is also friends.

Through the lens of Instagram, Ta Hien is also highlighted by the typical classical architecture in the heart of Hanoi. This architecture is often observed in the morning when the road is not busy with the lights, the excitement from the usual restaurant only opening in the evening. The row of ancient houses, straight from the beginning to the end of the street, where one can see the image of an ancient Hanoi.

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It is said that Ta Hien is a paradise of “eating”, “eating” is enjoying the cuisine of Ha Thanh land. Called the backpackers’ Street but there are not missing the delicious Vietnamese cuisine! In the morning, if you visit Ta Hien, you can enjoy the bowl of bun bung – noodles with rich flavor to welcome a new happy day. At noon, you can also enjoy the famous Nam Bo beef noodle soup around the neighborhood!

In the evening, Ha Thanh snacks are the dishes you cannot ignore. Quail roasted with honey is crispy from meat to bone, fried fermented pork sausage or fried potatoes are so attractive for visitors on Hanoi street food tour. Of course, “snacks accompanied with beer” such as roasted peanuts also are the favorite choice of visitors when sipping beer here.

But one thing that you can not ignore when coming to Ta Hien is enjoying night beer culture here, it is also the image has been “hot” Instagram community of youth. The guests coming here, enjoying the beer is very civilized and friendly. There are groups of friends, after a hard day work to find the crowded space, immerse the bustling moments to enjoy a few beer bottles, chat with friends, tourists on night food tour in Hanoi are also comfortable and fun to tell each other about their trip.

Drink beer, eat snacks, listen to guests, chat with each other about all things. People talk English, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, etc., but it seems that the photos on Instagram show that all visitors have a common point: coming to Ta Hien is enjoying all the fun, just like the hustle and bustle of Ta Hien street – “international crossroad”.