Hanoi cuisine is one of the charms for tourists everywhere, pouring into a thousand-year civilized land. The most famous dish in Hanoi is pho, but there are many other dishes enven Hanoi street food that tourists cannot miss the chance to taste.

Duck dishes

  1. Buncha

Buncha Hanoi has now been introduced to many provinces and cities across the country. Among the many quintessential dishes of Ha Thanh people, bun cha seems to easily fit into the culinary tastes of diners from everywhere. The pieces of pork are sliced ​​just enough, marinated with spices and then grilled over charcoal, then dropped into a bowl of sauce made from vinegar, sugar and lemon, served with vermicelli and raw vegetables … so delicious. However, eating bun cha in Hanoi has another interesting thing: more smooth basil, the special herbs of Lang village – Hanoi. You can enjoy delicious bun cha at 34 Hang Than, Hanoi.

  1. Trang Tien Ice Cream

Ice cream shop located in the center of Hanoi capital from the subsidy period has become a cultural feature where Hanoi people remember. Trang Tien Ice Cream is not the same as the industrially produced ice cream, cool, sweet, fragrant and fleshy. The original Trang Tien ice cream shop in Trang Tien Street is crowded all year round, even in the frozen days. Trang Tien ice cream shop is located at: 35 Trang Tien street (near Ho Guom).

  1. La Vong fish ball

La Vong fish ball famous in Hanoi is always in the top delicious dishes should not be missed which is introduced in the book about Vietnam tourism. La Vong fish ball is the perfect combination between Vietnamese typical spices like turmeric, dill, shrimp sauce and fish sauce, all blended into a dish with the extremely attractive aroma. This dish is served with red peppers, vermicelli, herbs, sprinkled on top are deliciously fried fish pieces. In Hanoi now there are many shops selling fish balls but the oldest address must be mentioned in La Vong Cha Ca – 14 Cha Ca street. The price of the fish ball is from VND 120,000 to VND 200,000.

  1. Pho

If you ask any visitor on street food tour in hanoi about the food they miss the most when coming to Hanoi, especially international visitors, the answer will be Pho. Pho Hanoi – Hanoi traditional food – is quite different from many places when eating without raw vegetables, the taste and flavor of broth will bring a delicious feeling to all diners. Hanoi has many famous noodle shops like Pho Cu Cu on Lieu Giai street, Kim Ma; Pho Mau Dich on Ly Quoc Su street, Pho Thin on Lo Duc; Pho Suong in the alley between Dinh Liet street … The price of each bowl of pho is 25,000 VND or more.

  1. Duck dishes

Dishes made from ducks are not too famous in Hanoi but have a very special flavor of the North. These dishes are suitable for both the men sitting together to enjoy with liquor and the delicious dishes for the whole family. You can enjoy many attractive specialties such as sauté duck, bamboo duck hot pot, braised duck hotpot at 217 Kim Ma street, duck hot pot about 150,000 VND / person, pan roasted duck with 80,000 VND / plate, bamboo shoot 20,000 VND /bowl.

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