Being one of the 10 most attractive destinations in Hanoi with a cool climate year round, Thien Son – Suoi Nga Ecotourism Resort is a beautiful natural wonder that combines mountains, streams, and waterfalls. Coming to Thien Son – Suoi Nga, visitors on Hanoi street food tours will be delighted to enjoy the majestic natural scenery, and relax in the fresh air and the majestic mountains that have existed for many generations. The weekend in this spot will give you a feeling of freedom and comfort.

Thien Son Suoi Nga – Heaven in Hanoi

Thien Son – Suoi Nga Ecotourism Resort is located 60 km west of Hanoi, on the east side of the Ba Vi mountain range, which is often called Tan Vien Mountain. Here record the legend of choosing the son-in-law of Hung King, took place the competing between Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh. The resort consists of three areas: Ha Son at the foot of the mountain, Trung Son  Mountain in the middle and Ngoa Son at the top of the mountain – the beginning of the famous Cong Troi (Heaven Gate) Waterfall.

Ha Son

Beautiful scenery in the area of Ha Son is Ha Son Lake, small streams with bridges across.

You will be delighted to see a row of stilts that are designed close to the cliffs and vines around, covering tile roof and the whole wall. At first glance, tourists on Hanoi local food tours will not think it is stilt house. When in the flower season, the whole stilt houses become brilliant, like dyed with many colors. This stilt house is also known with the luxury name – “Vong Lau”.

You can sit at Vong Lau for a rest, listen to the birds singing in the cool air, pleasant, or pedalo boat on the lake in the middle of the mountain.

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Trung Son

To experience the beauty of Thien Son Ivory, you stroll from Ha Son to Trung Son. Walking along the mountainside for about 1.5 km, with the shade of green trees on the road to hear the birds singing, murmuring streams, the passage through the beautiful sparse forest. At this point, travelers on Vietnam food tours will feel the perfect balance of scenery here, between the mimic of the mountains, and the meandering softness of the stream at the foot.

Trung Son area is the place where you can soak up the cool water in the artificial lake or lie on the rocky benches to feel the cool breeze of the mountains, giving you the feeling of ease and happiness.

The lake has an area dedicated to children with the models of the animals which are very cute and fun.

If you love adventure, you can walk from central of Trung Son to the sliding area, and try yourself with the thrill of sliding from above into the lake.

Trung Son is a stopover for lunch break, dining for visitors. You can rent a place on the floor for rest and eat at reasonable prices (about 50,000 / table). In addition, there are also specialties of the forest, the sea. Guests can choose for themselves the appropriate dishes.

The specialty here is Phu Nhi banh chung, Muong rice, Da river fish, etc. The sources of food are on private farms so they are 100% clean and meeting food safety and hygiene.

Ngoa Son

After resting in Trung Son, if you would like to discover the highest place of Thien Son – Suoi Nga, from Trung Son, you can go upstream about 700m, up the waterfall, you have to the top of Ngoa Son. Ngoa Son is a flat land with a lake, you can sit here to fishing. From the top, you will see the majestic scenery of Ba Vi Mountain.

The highlight in Thien Son – Suoi Nga is the huge Cong Troi  (Heaven Gate) waterfall. The sky is like a silver silk strip from the top of the mountain. If you stand at the foot of the waterfall, we will have the feeling that if walking to the top of the waterfall, you will reach the top of the blue sky.