On Hanoi’s winter days, the sky is gray and cold, making people not only desire to immerse in the sweet smell of grilled corn but also would like to visit highland in the northwest, watch the beautiful flower seasons on the mountains. People are looking for somewhere with the majestic beauty, and then feel peaceful in front of the image of peaceful and simple goatweed flowers brightening in the grey color on winter days. The frame which seems to be somewhere is located right in this capital.

Warm Color Of Goatweed Flower On Hanoi Winter Days

Hanoi winter is lighted by the fragile but gentle daisies. The vendors carrying flowers season around the alley Hanoi creates a charming beauty that you cannot find anywhere. Still, there are flowers that are not mentioned once. Flowers with a strange name. Goatweed flowers, this wildflower, when blooming together create a strangely beautiful frame.

A long road filled with flowers. Two rows of flowers bloom, in the middle, is a greensward. If you look at the photo, what would you think? Da Lat dream city with thousands of flowers blooming? Or Sa Pa with flowers that make people attracted by the majestic mountains? Few people believe that, not far away, this scene right in Hanoi, at the end of the busy road Nghi Tam. It is incredible and unexpected, is not it?

“There are times in a busy life, we accidentally go through each other” would be the correct saying to describe of the fate of this simple flower. Because of the way, many people go through the road every day, yet only a few people can discover its hidden unique beauty. From the road, it is easy to misunderstand that there is only a flower bed. But when it comes down to the dike, it takes a second to stop being surprised by the beautiful frame.

The whole road with the length of 50m is dyed by the flowers color. Two parallel flower rows welcoming visitors on Hanoi food tours unknowingly coming here. Incense of flowers hovers in the cold air of winter. Suddenly, you will recognize that Hanoi days are cold, do not need grilled corn or sweet potato flavor, just a little peace and clean fragrance is enough to make people warm up. The little things that are lovely are always somewhere in Hanoi, waiting for travellers on street food tour in hanoi to come and discover.

The flowers with the strange name, if blooming alone, no one pays attention, but when the flower bloom together, the same color will make people admire and so surprised. People often find the beauty of the vast white flowers field in Moc Chau or come to Nghe An, immersing in the space of sunflowers blossoming stretching to the horizon. However, right in the center of Hanoi, there is an alluring place with such beautiful flower blooming to hard to describe.

Not only the flowers make people admire, but also a Hanoi with simple things that you can recognize when spend a  little time looking at flowers, stopping among bustling street. It is a picture of a bike full of colorful balloons gliding over, a picture of a Hanoi person leisurely rides on a bike, a picture of bustling traffic. Is this a busy and hustle Hanoi that you always imagine?

In the busy life, the troubles make you tired, the bright sky in the middle of Hanoi winter makes you relaxed. The flowers have idyllic and rustic colors but hidden unique beauty touching the heart of tourists on Hanoi street food tour.

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