Born and grown up in Vietnam, our – local Hanoian’s roots have been firmly close-knit with Vietnamese culture and culinary, so Hanoi Local Food Tours branding was born with our passion for food and traveling.

From the early of 2015, we started our mission – to introduce the Vietnam local flavor to the world and help tourists to “eat like a true Vietnamese” by launching Hanoi Local Food Tours to offer international visitors an amazing food and cultural exploration. Not only offer guest a valued chance to enjoy food and learn how to cook local dishes, Hanoi Local Food Tours is designed to let our guest get a deep understanding of history, culture, architecture and lifestyle of the Hanoian and the Vietnamese as well.

As one of the leading local operators which provide guests authentic Food Tours in Hanoi as well as entire Vietnam, Hanoi Local Food Tours promises to offer tourists the best local food tour in very creative ways to explore Hanoi.

Why Choose Us

1. Best way to get to know Hanoi by discovering many hidden corners of Hanoi Old Quarter alleyways
Joining Hanoi Local Food Tour, you will have a chance to discover the beauty of Hanoi through hidden corners which are unique and different from any tours or your travel guide book. Our food inspirational tour guide will lead you through small streets and stop at traditional vendors and shops to show you the special food and the culture inside of Vietnam.
2. Enjoy a variety of food tasting items which are favorites among Hanoi locals
During each tour, you will feel great and joyful to enjoy many delicious dishes of Hanoian food (from 6 to 8 courses). They are all the most favorite foods of the locals in the city.

3. Explore the Hanoi history and traditional culture with the stories hidden behind each dish
Each of these enjoyable dishes contains an interesting story of the locals inside. Therefore, enjoying food at small but beautiful vendors or shops and listening to this story will make you trip more memorable and widen your understanding about Hanoi as well

4. Learn about the key of life balancing through the culinary of the local people
The Vietnamese always pay attention to the principles of cuisine to keep them healthy and the life balancing. The principles are shown from ingredients, tastes, flavors to the decorating colors of the foods. Therefore, enjoying each local food is not simply eating but also learning about the key of life balancing.

5. Discover the culture and tradition of the city in a small group
To satisfy customers and make the tour more well-serviced, we operate the tour with the maximum of only 8 guests. Therefore, it would be more easy and convenient for tourists to keep in touch with our tour guide.

6. Delicious Hanoi Food: Enjoy all delicious dishes made with fresh ingredients by the talented local chef
All of the foods are made with fresh and authentic ingredients which promise you wonderful tastes and enjoying. In addition, all the vendors and shops were carefully chosen by Hanoi Local Food Tours Team among hundreds of stores and restaurants in the Hanoi Olde Quarter to ensure that our guests will have the best experience in the best traditional food of Hanoi.

7. Broaden your knowledge of Vietnamese traditional cuisine through our friendly and professional English-speaking tour guides
With the huge love and inspiration of food, our local English-speaking tour guides are pleased to share with tourists his love and knowledge of Hanoi traditional food and culture of the city to you as well.

  • Always dedicated to responsible tourism, all tours of Hanoi Local Food Tours are designed to minimize any impacts to the environment and protect the sustainable local economy. We strongly commit ourselves to the followings.
  • We are a fully licensed tour operator. All tour guides of us are passionate about Vietnamese food and culture. They must have international tour guide licensed to do their job at Hanoi Local Food Tours.
  • Our vendor and shop partners are all local businesses who have been in operation for many years in Hanoi. By supporting local business, we contribute to generating a new source of income and build up a sustainable growth of the local economy.
  • “Giving is sharing” is our business belief. We are committed to giving back to our society. As our business expands and developments, we plan to contribute the certain portion of profit to our local communities in Vietnam, in particular to those in need.
  • No hidden costs on our tours which are 100% hassle-free. We state our price clearly as well what included in each tour. Our tour guides are committed to company’s codes of conduct. They should never try to persuade customers to pay for extra services that customers do not intend to pay for initially.