Rib porridge of Mrs. Hao

This is a famous late-night restaurant in Saigon, selling from 17 in the afternoon to the next morning. The restaurant is located in an alley in Tan Dinh, District 1 with super-diversified side dishes. Here you are spoiled for choice of dishes with porridge such as ribs, liver and squid at a price of only 30,000 VND / bowl.

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The porridge here is cooked very well, there are many toppings, but some people think that the porridge is sometimes salty. In addition to the meat, ribs served, the shop also sells eggs and quay (fried bread sticks). Chicken eggs cost 5 thousand VND, eggs stewed with herb cost 10 thousand VND. There are also 2 types of crunchy and soft quay to choose from.

An interesting point in this porridge shop is that scallion and ginger are set separately for everyone, so it is quite suitable for people on vietnam food tour who do not like scallions. In general, with a long time of selling, selling at night, high-quality food, Mrs. Hao’s porridge become famous for those who like wandering in the evening.

Chicken sticky rice in Tan My market

Selling in Tan My market for 20 years, Mrs Lien’s sticky shop has become a familiar address of Saigon customers, especially those who need to eat at night because this sticky shop sells from 15:00 to around 8 am the next day.

The sticky rice here varies from sticky rice varieties to side dishes. Here you can choose sticky glutinous rice, peanut sticky rice … with lean pork paste, spring rolls, rousong, eggs and especially fried chicken. The most famous is fried chicken sticky rice with two options which are chicken Quater Leg and chicken thighs. The price of sticky rice here is also very soft, only from 15,000 to 25,000 VND / ordinary meal and 50 to 60,000 VND if eating sticky rice with chicken quarter leg. Because of that, the shop is quite popular.

Each sticky rice part here is sprinkled with sweet and sour sauce of owner. In addition, the ingredients are also cooked very well by the owner, especially Vietnamese style kimchi, which makes many customers on vietnam food tours captivated. If you go from Nguyen Thi Thap to Tan My street, looking at the right, you will see this shop.

Pho Ha and Hai Trieu

Right next to Bitexco, there is a famous restaurant in Saigon. This restaurant specializes in selling Northern-style dishes, most notably Pho – hanoi traditional food. The shop has both types of beef noodle soup and cooked chicken noodle soup, in which chicken soup is more impressive.

It is known that this shop has a few decades in Saigon. The characteristic of this shop is flavorful and clear broth, made very well as in the North, so it is not sweet as in the South. In addition, the restaurant is available 24 hours a day, so it is very convenient to stop for a night meal.

The food of this restaurant is priced from 55 to about 75 thousand VND, although not cheap but with quality and central location, this price is quite reasonable. In addition to pho, the shop also has vermicelli, noodles, banh chung and sticky rice.

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