Turtle Tower is not only unique architecture but also attracts visitors with poetic natural scenery. Let’s find out the pictures of Turtle Tower in Hanoi and the cafes near Hoan Kiem Lake with a beautiful “view” to be able to sip a cup of aromatic coffee and freely watch the full shimmering beauty of Hoan Kiem Lake.

Beautiful Pictures Of Turtle Tower

If Ho Guom is compared to a bouquet of fresh flowers in the heart of Hanoi, in that sparkling beautiful bouquet, Turtle Tower is the most prominent flower, showing the most brilliant colours, attracting the most eyes.

The beauty of Turtle Tower is a harmonious combination of European design style with a curved roof bearing the idyllic boldness of Vietnamese architecture. In addition to impressive architecture, Turtle Tower is also beautiful because its location is in the middle of Guom Lake, tinged with ancient colours, not faded by the trace of time.

Beautiful Pictures Of Turtle Tower

Not only is it a unique architectural work with a sacred historical value, the ecstatic beauty of Turtle Tower also makes it one of the must-visit tourist destinations in Hanoi.

Beautiful cafes to admire Turtle Tower

Hanoi Time

Located at 39 Dinh Tien Hoan, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi Time is located on the second floor of the old townhouse covered in yellow tones and rows of old white bricks.

However, stepping inside is a completely spacious and warm space with rustic, simple and painted red tables and chairs decorated with black and white photos of The Old Quarter.

Hanoi Time is divided into 4 main spaces including the main room, dispensing counter, attic and balcony. In particular, the most attractive point of the restaurant is a cool balcony that can admire the bustling streets and a beautiful corner of Turtle Tower.

Here, visitors can also see some old Hanoi objects such as oil lamps, 4-wing copper fan, typewriter, antique clock … and enjoy a variety of drinks.

Pho Co Cafe

One of the famous cafes in the list of beautiful cafes for sightseeing Turtle Tower is Pho Co Cafe located deep in an old house on Hang Gai Street. Pho Co Cafe attracts visitors with ancient space, unique decor and delicious, greasy egg coffee – an amazing Hanoi street food.

Inside the restaurant, there are many wooden things, antiques and green plants on the floors so visitors can freely choose a seat. However, the rooftop is the most favourite place because the spacious and airy campus is suitable for sipping a cup of aromatic coffee while admiring the beautiful panorama of Hoan Kiem Lake.

Besides, Pho Co Cafe is also an extremely romantic dating place for couples and the ideal viewpoint for enjoying fireworks of Hanoi’s youth.

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Thuy Ta Café

Located at No. 1 Le Thai To, Thuy Ta Café is the only famous coffee restaurant located on Hoan Kiem Lake with extremely beautiful scenery, so attracts many domestic and foreign tourists on the Hanoi food tour.

Coming to Thuy Ta Café, visitors will admire the romantic scenery of Ho Guom, enjoy the cool and peaceful atmosphere to help dispel the fatigue of everyday life.

Besides, Thuy Ta Café also attracts visitors on Hanoi street food tour by high-class service quality, professional service staff and a variety of food and drinks. Not only delicious coffee, high-class drinks, but also there are many kinds of premium cakes and especially the famous Italian fresh cream which is loved by many people.