Banh to Hoi An (Year cake)

There is a verse about regional specialties of the folk who have been passed down from the past until now: “Hoa Vang spring rolls – Hoi An year cake – Tra Kieu Sweet Potato – Scented Tam Ky wine”. The verse passed again is never wrong, banh to (year cake) really has a delicious and special flavor that other cakes do not have.

Banh to – The name that folk still call has evoked the respect towards the origin and ancestors. Banh to is only made by local people before the Tet holiday a week. The cake is dark brown like the color of the soil, molded in a thick and square mold.

Discover Delicious Food Of Quang Nam In Hoi An (Part 2)

The main ingredients that make this Hoi An delicacy are sugar and sticky flour; Sugar is a kind of sugar with brown or dark black color. The makers choose sticky rice carefully. The sticky rice flour must be the first-class so that the cake is fragrant and lightly sweet Accompanying with the sugar and flour is two indispensable materials which are sesame seeds and ginger. Dry white sesame will be cleaned, and then dried in sunshine two time and roasted evenly so that it does not turn yellow. Crushed ginger refines to make ginger juice. The cake after being cooked is picked out. At this time, new sesame is sprinkled evenly on the cake surface. Allow about 5 minutes for the cake to cool and store it in a cool place.

A good year cake is not too hard but not too soft so that when cutting out the dough does not stick to the knife. Quang Nam year cake can be kept for a long time without fear of mouldy smell, whereas the longer it is, the more flexible the cake, the more flavorful the cake. It depends largely on the secret of the cake maker.

Nothing is more interesting when visitors sit and sip a cup of hot tea, and enjoy a piece of year cake. this experience will be impressive for visitors on Vietnam food tours.


Quang cuisine has quite a lot of delicious dishes and one of them is a rustic but equally attractive dish that tourists cannot ignore is the wonton – Hoi An delicious dish. Wonton has two types: the fried wonton and the wonton with soup.

To make the fried wonton, the baker takes the noodles into bread rolls, puts them in a frying pan, then fries, when the cake become golden and crunchy, then takes it out to drain the oil, puts the cake on the plate, and spreads a layer of vegetables below. Lettuce, sliced ​tomatoes, herbs are served to decorate the dish. When eating fried wonton, visitors on Vietnam food tour just pour the tomato sauce and potatoes on the cake, you will have a plate of golden fried wonton, square, in the middle is the shrimp meat, fragrant, very eye-catching and delicious.

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Wonton with soup is a bowl of wonton, with usually from 5 to 10 cakes with 2 half duck eggs, or a few extra pieces of roasted meat, scallion. Guests can add more satay to increase the taste of the dish.

Quang cuisine in Hoi Hoi is also a typical art form of this place and also attracts many domestic and international tourists to enjoy the delicious dishes of Hoi An – dishes reminiscent, attractive many people on food walking tour inside and outside the country.