Banh khuc in Hoang Mai village is on the list of specialities that tourists should enjoy when travelling to Hanoi food tours. This is also a dish making a name of Hoang Mai village, Hanoi.

Hanoi Specialty – Banh Khuc

Brief introduction of banh khuc Hoang Mai, Hanoi

Hoang Mai Village, Hanoi has long been famous for making sticky rice and banh khuc. In particular, banh khuc in Hoang Mai village is also considered one of the extremely attractive specialities in the capital. At the end of the year, the weather is cold and enjoying the hot banh khuc is the most ideal thing. The delicious cake made any visitors who try it feel happy and remember forever.

In the past, if you have the opportunity to travel to Hanoi street food tours in the last days of the year, visitors on Hanoi food tour will easily hear the sound of an advertisement “Who buy banh khuc, banh khuc here” spreading in the streets of Hanoi. Now they are no longer sold in the streets but in street shops in Hanoi. Banh khuc brands are constantly appearing but still not strong enough to replace the banh khuc Hoang Mai brand.

Hoang Mai Village, located under Truong Dinh Street, is one of the most famous address of sticky rice and banh khuc in Hanoi. The piece of banh khuc here is very delicious according to the ancient recipe passed from generation to generation. In each piece of cake Hoang Mai village still retains the traditional taste that is still in the song of old Hanoi.

The banh khuc is not only a dish, but also a very meaningful gift. Many tourists have the opportunity to Hanoi often buy 1-2 packages of banh khuc to bring back to relatives.

Delicious taste of Hoang Mai village cake

Hanoians love to use banh khuc every morning or evening. On chilly days, the banh khuc is more loved than ever. When you hold the hot piece of banh khuc in your hand, visitors will feel the cold winds of Hanoi disappear, instead of a warm feeling of the piece of banh khuc from the mouth spreading throughout.

The banh khuc is made from khuc leaves (a leaf that grows very much along the banks of the Red River), hence the cake is called a khuc cake. To be able to cook the most delicious Hoang Mai village banh khuc, Hoang Mai people always choose the most delicious young khuc leaves to cook the banh khuc.

These leaves will be washed, pounded and mixed with a mixture of glutinous rice flour to make crust. The fillings of cake are the most important part to make the taste of banh khuc Hanoi specialties in Hoang Mai. The filling consists of green beans combined with fat meat. Green bean are steamed and mashed, covering the marinated meat and spices. Doing so will make the smell of banh khuc good and last long.

The last stage of making the banh khuc is steaming the cake. Hoang Mai banh khuc is steamed in a soil furnace, not a boiler. Although steaming by a soil furnace will take most time to cook banh khuc, the cake will be cooked evenly from the inside out, the outer rind is not crumpled. After being cooked, the banh khuc will be removed from the oven, covered with a layer of banana leaves outside to keep the heat of the cake.

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