Hanoi seems beautiful every season, always dressed up pretty flowers coat. The leaving of flower season is the coming of another flower season. In June blazing with brilliant sunshine, the streets in the capital again adorned with the poetic, sparkling and vibrant colors of the flower seasons. The lotus flower, phoenix flowers, Flower Lagerstroemia and peacock flowers are “racing to bloom together” sparkling under the golden sunlight, making the people ecstatic and overwhelmed.

Alluring Colors In Hanoi On Summer Days

Pure pink of lotus

Summer is a lotus blossom season, so visitors on food walking tour will easily be able to see the bright lotus with sparkling pink or pure white in the marshes or on the street vendors, the bikes full of lotus flowers scent wandering around the streets of the city. Therefore, maybe, somewhere you will also be inhaled the mild aroma of this characteristic flower.

Lotus flower converges the beauty of the land of heaven, beautiful as a Hanoi girl, elegant, sweet and pure. Nothing is greater than in summer, you can admire the beauty of lotus and enjoy the cup of fragrant lotus tea.

The brilliant red of phoenix flowers

Wandering on the streets of Hanoi for the occasion of June, tourists on Hanoi street food will be able to see the bunch of red phoenix flowers blossoming in the sky, like the fire burning in the sun. Phoenix flowers bloom radiantly, full of vitality throughout the summer. Beside the phoenix trees, the Phoenix flowers falling still retain a beautiful red color, as the red carpet throughout the street.

Whenever in the phoenix flower season is also a chance for you to review the student’s memories that will bring you the strange feeling difficult to describe, and your heart will be full of series of familiar feelings. The great moment of summer is sometimes simple when admiring this brilliant flowers. So, you and some friends walk on the streets filled with flowers in the capital to keep the unforgettable memories of this summer!

Romantic purple of Lagerstroemia flowers

The Lagerstroemia flowers which are knowns as with the name Rose of India with shimmering purple color seems to have calmed down the hot, sunny days in Hanoi. The Rose of India flowers season with rows of trees with purple color covering the sky is also the time when the land is wearing a new coat, gentle and elegant. The sky, the water, and the streets all reflect the romantic purple, making so many people cannot deny.

Hanoi has the paths of beautiful Lagerstroemia flower, taking you astray into the dreaming world as fairyland. Walking on the streets of the city with the rose of India in the dim light of sunset, you will find your heart filled with inspiration, filled with artistic inspiration.

The lovely yellow of peacock flowers

The peacock flowers with the fragrance of the summer in June in Hanoi, just a little haughty, splendid but rustic. The flowers that stand out on the central streets and the streets of the suburbs village, weaving so beautiful yellow carpets!

Whenever the wind blows, the flower bunches sway slightly to the tone of the wind, flying in the wind. Even standing just under the tree and watching the yellow flowers will make you find peaceful and quiet.

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Hanoi in June is shimmering with the rosy color of the lotus, the brilliant red color of the phoenix flowers, the romantic purple color of rose of India and lovely light yellow of the peacock flowers. Some of the beautiful colors of Hanoi sky on days full of summer sunshine is enough charm or not? A Hanoi street food walking tour in the summer to be immersed in the flower seasons in June will be a memory worth to remember in your heart even though the flow of time has quietly passed.