Ba Vì – ‘green lung’ of the capital – in every season, is beautiful, still making the hearts of tourists on Hanoi food tasting tours vibrate by pristine, wild but very poetic beauty. Wandering into the vast green space, listening to the animals ‘chattering talk’, listening to the cold winds massaging slightly your skin are also interesting. Then when the foot of the travelers set in Ba Vi, they suddenly are surprised by the unique space of the cactus garden was planted in the greenhouse, close but also very fancy as in a fairy kingdom. Simple yet everyone is “mesmerized”, and every weekend, young people go together to “escape” to Ba Vi, and feel so great when walking in the Cactus greenhouse full of enchantment.

Cactus Garden In Ba Vi

The cactus greenhouse is located in the area of Ba Vi National Park, Ba Vi district, in the northwest of Hanoi. Just about 50km from central Hanoi, tourists can easily travel here in 2 ways. One is to take the Thang Long Highway – the most beautiful highway in the country, passing the Hoa Lac bridge and continue straight to Van Hoa Village, follow the signposts leading to Yen Bai commune and reach Ba Vi. The other way is from the bridge over the National University, follow the road 32 to Son Tay and when meeting gas station, turn left at the hospital area 5, straight ahead to Da Chong to reach Ba Vi. Whether you choose the road, visitors also feel very comfortable in the peaceful countryside with green grass to calm the soul.

Coming to Ba Vi, visitors on Hanoi street food tours will enjoy a completely different space with a vibrant life in Hanoi. The two sides of the green shady tree, stepping here make you feel that your mind is still wandering in the romantic scene in some Korean films. From the gate of Ba Vi National Park, tourists go about a kilometer and then turn right on the narrow path in a few minutes to reach the green cactus garden.

The first feeling that the ‘kingdom’ of cactus brings to everyone is the diversity and richness of this tree. Up to 1200 varieties of small and large cactus are planted interleaved, bringing a new and unique scene, attracting viewers. Visitors can touch each tendon and spine of each type of cactus to see their differences.

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One of the highlights of Cactus Garden is that it is a beautifully designed dome. Not only does it help create an environment suitable for the growth of cacti, but the ‘appearance’ of the greenhouse also helps the garden to be more prominent with its special personality. All mixed together, creating the painting which is wild and lovely.

Going through the cactus house in Ba Vi, travelers on Hanoi food tours in addition to ‘enjoy the arts’ with special cactus species, choose a beautiful angle to capture the great moments into alluring photos, they have also an opportunity to learn about the cactus species, care and make them look ‘beautiful’. In the greenhouse, there is a small red brick path that leads visitors to explore each of the corners in the ‘secret room of the cactus’.

Arriving Ba Vi, having a visit the cactus garden greenhouse, then do not hurry to leave, because Ba Vi also has attractive stops as well. It is a primeval forest with many kinds of plants and animals, a huge lake like a giant mirror, ancient mossy houses covered with time color.