Everyone knows that the North is famous for the “four great passes” is dangerous and winding. However, in the South, the passes seem to be no less spectacular and difficult to conquered. One of the passes hindering but satisfying visitors in the south is Gia Bac pass. However, there is nothing worth mentioning if you can not sit down and drink coffee in the middle of the café on the air.

Enjoy The Hot Coffee On The Spectacular Pass

Gia Bac Pass is the point you will go through if you drive from Phan Thiet to Da Lat or vice versa. Although there is another road through the Dai Ninh Pass which is a little shorter, tourists on Vietnam food tours love the National Road No.28 through Gia Bac Pass because of the charm of the mountain, the coffee hills, the challenges due to zigzag and narrow roads that still make people enjoy.

Gia Bac Pass has been more than 100 years ago, originated from a trade route of the K’ho Nop people in the South of Di Linh. Until the French colonial period, the road officially became the pass playing an important role. The road is not large enough for the cars to comfortably move in the opposite directions, nor is it completely smooth asphalt drive quickly. But perhaps because that, people can drive slowly on all 10 km of the pass to see the natural beauty of large mountain and forest.

The highest point on the pass is only about 800m above sea level, which may not high enough to be compared to the other passes such as O Quy Ho or Ma Phi Leng of the Northern Mountains, but the scenery here is extremely charming. The pass brings a wilderness with the early morning fog, clouds along the heel of the healer, sweep under the wheels slowly moving on the pass, with the villages along the small road of the people of K’Ho.

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As a coffee-growing place, Gia Bac in the coffee season, coffee beans are dried out on the yard, even on the way, making space full of smells of aromatic coffee. It is not hard to enjoy the coffee here, strolling along the small street is also enough to stop and take a sip of aromatic coffee with the fragrance of forest, mountain.

Not only that, take a little effort to find a coffee shop like “in the air”, cloaked in the mountains, where visitors on Vietnam food tour can see the vast landscape of green rice fields, coffee trees, old trees or green hills hiding small houses.

Enjoying coffee is not only delicious in taste, in the way of preparation but also in space. Sitting in this land, drinking coffee is planted in the other hill, inhaling the smell of wood forest are unforgettable experiences. The majestic nature is almost intact that makes the mind get lost in the new strange world, fly up to layers of blue clouds.

If you have a chance, take a food walking tour through Gia Bac Pass, stop at the side of the street to eat a fragrant candy and admire scenery out there, sit a little longer in the coffee shop “in the air” between the spectacular pass of the South … before reaching the last point of the journey. The trip was beautiful, in fact, gentle but challenging with the bends and the slopes. Drive slowly and carefully, give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful moment.