1. Stingray hotpot

Stingray hotpot is a dish that is so attractive for visitors on Hanoi food tours in Vung Tau, you will be “knocked out” by the delicious taste of fish meat dipped in a sweet and delicious pot of broth. You can freely enjoy the hot pot together with the group of friends and exchange comfortably some family stories. The price of a hotpot ranges from 150,000 VND to 200,000 VND, a reasonable price to enjoy a famous delicious dish in Vung Tau.

Famous Specialties In Vung Tau

  1. Lobster blood pudding

This is a unique dish in Vung Tau, can be considered the culinary elite of Vung Tau people. Local chief will flip the lobster and use a sharp knife to dig into the end of the body or the chest part of the lobster to get its blood. Lobster blood with blue color is processed with tiger shrimp, coriander leaves, perilla, pepper, lemon, and basil.

  1. White sardine salad

Raw materials for making this dish are also not too picky. You need to just prepare salted white sardine fish, and some spices such as onion, garlic, lemongrass, rice paper, some kinds of vegetables. This dish is eaten with a lot of rice paper and vegetables, so be sure to prepare enough. When eating, visitors on Vietnam food tour take white sardine fish which is mixed with onions, garlic, lemongrass, and spices, roll it in rice paper with vegetables then dip it in special sauce. Enjoying each aftertaste of the salad in the mouth, surely you will not be able to stop.

  1. Salted egg custard cake

The salted egg custard cake has been in Vung Tau for a long time, so it is not difficult to find and enjoy this cake. Each tiny cake is delicious and attractive. This cake is as soft as the worker’s hand creating it, making diners who eat once cannot forget the taste.

  1. Hu tieu (Kuy teav)

Vung Tau has a lot of delicious dishes, hu tieu Vung Tau is one of the familiar names here. Noodle bowl combines full flavor from eggs, shrimp, meat, and sweet broth. Look at the bowl of flavorful noodles, people cannot resist enjoying it. This dish is extremely popular and favored by many people.

  1. Oysters grilled cheese

Grilled oyster with cheese is made from white fat oysters mixed with the aroma of cheese as an added attraction. If you want to enjoy grilled oyster cheese, you should go to Long Son raft village in Vung Tau, because it is famous for its excellent oyster quality. Oysters are clean, fat, and bigger than that in other places.

  1. Rice with milk flowers

Rice with milk flowers will make you have a full lunch, rice is served with fried squid, fried fish with fish sauce, sour shrimp soup. Soft and fragrant white rice, blended with the charming flavor of the side dishes, extremely attractive. Some shops in Vung Tau located on Nguyen An Ninh and Nguyen Thai Hoc streets of good quality will be suggested addresses for you.

  1. Spotted reef crab

Con Dao, Vung Tau is famous with the specialty of spotted reef crab, hearing the name alone has attracted all eyes. This crab has a pink and red color, very eye-catching. crab meat is best on the full moon, maybe it is is reason why it is called Moon Crab. Moon crabs are often processed into steamed or baked dishes to preserve their meaty taste. Enjoying this crab once in Con Dao, Vung Tau will make you remember forever.

  1. Vung Tau hoi cake

Coming to Vung Tau, tourists on food walking tour should definitely enjoy the hoi cake. This cake is very attractive from the sweet, chewy taste of the cake to the fragrant barbecue, with fresh vegetables. The dipping sauce is so delicious that your taste buds are “paralyzed”. Price of a set of hoi cake is from 45,000 VND – 50,000 VND.

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