Pho ga Cham (chicken noodle) super expensive still “hot” or pho Hung Ben arousing a quiet and tranquil street are the “legendary” restaurants.

Pho ga Yen Ninh

Pho ga Yen Ninh (chicken noodle) – expensive but “so famous”

Although it is an ancient restaurant with few decades contributing to the cuisine culture of Hanoi, pho ga Yen Ninh still “enter” the list of famous pho restaurant. The price of pho – Hanoi traditional food – in the restaurant is very strangely expensive: 60,000 VND / bowl of ordinary chicken noodle and 100,000-150,000 VND / bowl special noodle with chicken meat, chicken wings, eggs, chicken heart, etc. The restaurant is small, so in the peak hours, guests coming here still have to sit on the sidewalk, the space in the house is not invested beautifully. In short, it is not worth to the “heavenly price”, to those who would like to enjoy pho in a romantic space.

In terms of quality, a bowl of chicken noodle, full of chicken and onion and delicious but not so tasty that people can remember forever in the first time try. The visitors in the first time coming here to try a noodle bowl of hundred thousand VND will inevitably feel disappointed. However, Pho ga Cham still “hot”, there are many people coming here and waiting to enjoy pho of this restaurant. Of course, guests of the restaurant must be generous. Most of them eat here many times and become familiar customers. In addition, some people think that this is one of few restaurants with a good service attitude.

Pho Hang Trong – famous pho shop

Right at No. 1 Hang Trong street, this pho shop only open from about 4 pm to 8 or 8:00. This famous pho shop also well-known with through the famous nickname: “pho bưng” (It mean that you have to sit on plastic chairs and carry the hot bowl of pho on your hands).

Coming here, do not expect a desk or high chair to place bowls of noodles, spoon to taste. Pho is very hot, and the customers still have to hold on their hands. One hand holds the bowl of pho, and the other hand holds chopsticks, enjoy the unforgettable taste of pho. That is exactly the style “phở bưng” Hanoi, difficult but delicious strangely.

Many people say that eating pho bung Hang Trong is difficult but worth. The pho broth is crystal clear but still full of flavors, the beef meat is thin and soft, added with more scallion on the bowl, making the pho so especially aromatic. In addition, next to the shop, there is ice tea shop with very delicious youtiao, golden and crispy. This youtiao accompanied with “phở bưng” make this unique pho become the number 1. The advantages of pho bung would make the Hanoians and visitors on Hanoi street food tour forget the difficulty when eating.

Pho Bat Dan –  famous pho shop with “standing in line”:

With age than half a century, traditional pho shop at 49 Bat Dan is considered one of the eateries cannot miss when visiting the capital.

Seniority is just one part of the reason, what makes the restaurant brand is the image of people standing in line to wait for eating pho taking place every day as a unique and interesting culinary culture.

Here at peak time, there is no waiter serving. Therefore, guests will order, pay and receive “reward” which is a bowl of traditional beef noodles with clear and fragrant broth, fresh and beef. In fact, in Hanoi, finding the delicious taste of pho is not so difficult, but the “standing in line” in the shop still is maintained for many years only in Bat Dan pho shop, making a unique feature of the shop.

Pho Cuon Hung Ben – a pho shop to arousing a quiet and tranquil street

Now mentioning pho rolls, the Hanoi people think to Ngu Xa – small winding street, hidden behind the Truc Bach Lake. Here, there are many shops, eateries selling pho cuon (rolls), crowed and bustling every afternoon. Looking at the bustling atmosphere of this place, few people know that more than ten years ago, Ngu Xa Street was very quiet and peaceful, and only become popular thanks to the noodle roll of a pavement shop with a simple name – Hung Ben.

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At that time, the restaurant is located in the Nguyen Khac Hieu crossroads with Ngu Xa. At night, the shop was often crowded and only known by people living near this area. However, this dish is strange and processed skillfully, pho cuon (rolls) and fried noodle of the restaurant become increasingly famous. A few years later, the shop is expanding, and the surrounding restaurants began to sell this dish. Ngu Xa Street become a food street with the main dishes of pho rolls and fried pho.

Pho Thin Lo Duc – The most ancient and fatty pho shop in Hanoi

With the age of more than 30 years, Thin Pho marks its brand with only the dish – pho bo tai lan (noodle soup with rare beef). If most traditional noodle shops try to make noodle soup with clear but still flavorous broth, Pho Thin goes in the completely different way. The broth is really fatty by combining the stir-fried beef, sweet and fragrant ginger and garlic. This way, of course, can make pho become boring, so only a few shops “adventure” to follow this way, only Pho Thin year still confident in their own secret to attract guests.

Of course, not everyone enjoys so fatty pho but in fact, the longevity and the number of visitors on street food tour in Hanoi every day are enough to prove the quality and brand of this most famous pho shop in Hanoi.