According to folklore, the seventh lunar month is the month of the ghost, especially on the seventh day of the seventh month – the day of the homeless and lonely spirits are free to return to earth. It is also the day that is believed to be particularly unlucky.

If in the ‘ghost month’, many people avoid eating dishes such as duck meat, dog meat, shrimp sauce … to avoid bad luck, many people on Hanoi street food walking tour go looking for good food with the desire to limit the bad in the month, help the body as well as the soul more relaxed.

The favorite food in ghost month

Mushroom rousong

Recently, especially in the early seventh lunar month, many people find and order mushroom rousong. This is a frugal vegetarian dish that is easy to eat and good for your health, especially for dieters, people with heart disease and diabetes.

From a frugal dish popular in vegetarian food trays, mushroom quickly became a food attracting many women with frugal aroma and crispy taste. Visitors can use mushroom rousong as accompanying food with rice, banh my, porridge, sticky rice or cook for children.

Vegetarian food

Yulan Festival is the largest vegetarian season of the year. Enjoying vegetarian food is considered as a way to calm down and pray for the peace of the parents, so many people intend to eat vegetarian food, centered on praying for peace for the parents.

Vegetarian food

With the concept of restricting the slaughter of animals to relieve karma, many families choose the vegetarian way to purify the mind and to pray for good luck. Unlike the first day or the full moon day, the number of diners who take street food tour in Hanoi visiting the vegetarian stores increased in the seventh lunar month. In addition, many visitors are registered to eat vegetarian food at some temples.

In addition, not only vegetarian at the restaurant, some people choose to shop vegetarian to save money and ensure the taste according to their preferences.


On the seventh lunar month, many people buy fruit for worshiping at temples and at home.

At the same time, many people choose fruits to make vegetarian dishes as well as eat fruits to increase their resistance, ensuring energy and nutrition for daily life.

The delicious dish you should eat to dispel bad luck

Vegetarian food

You should eat vegetarian food especially on the first day and the fifteenth day of the month to have good luck. You can also enjoy it on other days if you are people who like vegetarian food.

Colorful dishes

The dishes which have bright color bring the meaning of good luck like sticky rice gac, chicken, beef … because these dishes have the red color, representing the good and yellow representing the wealth.

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Deer meat: According to the opinion of the business, eating deer meat on special days in the month as the first day, the full moon days will bring good luck in work and life because deer meat represents loyalty, courage, and resurrection.

Blood pudding: At the beginning of the month, people often eat foods such as blood pudding – a Hanoi traditional food – with blood red to hope the month will bring many good.