Besides pho, buncha is also a dish that is on the list of Hanoi traditional food, and if you set foot in the capital, you definitely have to taste. On the occasion of bun cha is being reminded a lot in the visit of President Obama to Vietnam, muster the famous buncha shops in Hanoi.

Four Famous Buncha Shops In Hanoi

Buncha Huong Lien

Before President Obama enjoyed dinner with buncha here, Huong Lien had been a famous bun cha shop. However, before that, people on Hanoi street food walking tour only knew this shop with the name “bun cha on Le Van Huu street” but not aware that this shop has the name “Huong Lien”. It is also said that almost all people living around Thi Sach Street – Le Van Huu street and Ngo Thi Nham street used to eat Huong Lien bun cha.

Pork pies are well grilled, not burned, but very fragrant. Grilled pork pies are not dry, in contrary, very soft. After 20 years since the sale, buncha Huong Lien still keep the delicious and sweet taste and onion fragrance. Someone coming here to eat also captivated by a pork pie piece of soft which is well-marinated.

Talking about a bowl of sauce – the soul of bun cha, in Huong Lien, sauce slightly tilted to the sour taste of vinegar, different from the sweet taste at other shops. Each of Huong Lien’s bun cha is priced at 40,000 VND. The restaurant sells primarily in the afternoon, space is airy, suitable for large groups.

Buncha Sinh Tu

Born in the early 70’s, until now the bun cha Sinh Tu is still one of the most delicious bun cha dishes in Hanoi. The way to make bun cha is very simple, but the way to do buncha that makes people compliment depends very much on the traditional secret, experience, and skills of people directly making bun cha.

The owner of bun cha SinhTu shop also shared the secret of famous bun cha dish that it is the right choosing meat. From the time of choosing ingredients, people making king bun cha have to find the best and most satisfying meat, then marinated by the secret way of their own.

Visitors to eat here also appreciate this dish, but the price for a buncha dish is only 35,000 VND. Many years have passed, bu cha Sinh Tu still attracts the love of people in Ha Thanh.

Buncha Dac Kim

The brand name of buncha Dac Kim is attached to Hang Manh street. This is also the shop that many visitors on street food tour in Hanoi from other places have chosen as the location to enjoy the delicious flavor of the famous bun cha. The name Dac Kim came from the first owner of the restaurant in 1965. And until now, people in the next generation of the family have taken over it.

Buncha in Dac Kim is about 50-60,000 VND, with extremely much meat. Well-known and crowded for a long time but the space in the shop is quite small. If you arrive at peak hours, diners may sit at the table or sit on the sidewalk.

Buncha Duy Diem

Referring to the famous buncha in Hanoi but ignoring Duy Diem is really shortcomings. This shop is located on Ngoc Khanh Street – where there are many buncha shops, however, Duy Diem buncha still cannot be confused with these stores.

The people taking Hanoi food tour here are impressed by the sweet taste in each piece of barbecue. The meat is sliced into medium pieces, and grilled fragrantly. The price for a set of buncha here is 40,000 VND. The restaurant is extremely spacious, so there is no reason to diners not add this place to list for enjoying buncha dish here.

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