On the one day of September, when people suddenly find that the sky has changed, and realize the fall has come. Cool winds will enter each layer of shirt, the mist will hovering around the roads, the sun will be also gentler and blue sky is much clearer. The milk flower flavor spreads all the corners of the streets and the fragrance of young rice and ripe guava is mixed together, creating the unique feature of Hanoi. The autumn of Hanoi is so charming that people cannot forget it. And in the heart of each Hanoians, there is also a reminiscence about the specialty of this lovely land.

Hanoi Autumn And Special Gift

Hanoi with fragrance of Gold Apple

The autumn in Hanoi comes so lightly as the ballad, the cool wind is just gingerly outside the yard, carrying the nice flavors of ripe thi, which is also known as “Gold Apple”. The fresh golden fruit on the street vendors, the scent is so sweet and cool, making visitors on Hanoi street food walking tour cannot hesitate to run out, buy some golden fruits to put it on the table so that its incense spread the house.

The gold apple season is also the season when we remember about the story when we were children – The story about Tam and Cam, about the gentle girl with name Tam coming out from qua thi, about the sentence that one cannot forget:

“O golden apple, fall to my sack

Your scent I’ll smell, eat you I’ll not”

With the children, this season is also time-study. The smell of ripe gold apple spreads for a long time until it becomes so ripe, people will eat it, then tear the peel into small pieces, press them on the student paper, to keep the beautiful and peaceful months.

Young rice – The gift of Nature

Speaking of the flavors that make up the fall of Hanoi, we cannot ignore the green young rice – the gift is wrapped from the essence of heaven and earth. In the bright sunshine of the summer, the suburbs gradually change color, wearing a fresh yellow shirt, bunches of heavy rice, bring joy to each family. Not only young rice makers expect the green rice season coming, but even the traveler also remember every grain of fresh young rice wrapped in fragrant lotus leaf spread the fragrance throughout the street after harvest.

Hanoians love young rice – Hanoi street food – as their old friend, young rice is respected by the love of the people in the Old Quarter. Green rice is processed into many different dishes which are Hanoi traditional food, each of them must be only eaten slowly, little by little, next to the warm teapot to increase the aroma and sweetness of the specialty. Autumn of Hanoi is stirred by the color of green young rice that is very beautiful. Young rice is sold in the market, on the sidewalk, tourists who would like to enjoy the Hanoi famous young rice must visit Vong village in Cau Giay, Hanoi.

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Yellow ripe sau in Hanoi autumn

Sau (Indochina Dragonplum) Have long been the ‘unique’ gift of the Hanoians, people remember not just the huge shady sau trees on the streets of the capital, but also the romantic color and the special flavor of sau every fall. The beautiful round Indochina dragonplum began to ripen and become gold, decorating the autumn paintings Hanoi more special. Ripe Indochina dragonplums are sour and sweet. If you peel it off and then with dip it in salt and pepper, it will be more excellent.

Many families also buy sau to dip it in sugar, make sau dam, jam, … or simply to cook sour soup. Not colorful, not luxury, the simple rustic gift is enough to make people attracted in cold autumn.