Nem Phung Dan Phuong is a Hanoi traditional food that tourists know well because this dish is very famous for its delicious taste. Nem Phung is Hanoi specialty originated from Phung town, Dan Phuong. Currently, this unique dish has become a tourist specialty in Hanoi sold in many corners of the capital city.

Hanoi Specialty – Nem Phung Đan Phuong

  1. Introduce Hanoi specialties – Nem Phung

Nem Phung Dan Phuong is a specialty dish very familiar to the people of Hanoi capital. This dish comes from Phung town, Dan Phuong, Hanoi. Nem Phung is only made from simple ingredients such as meat and pork skin mixed with thinh gao (a Vietnamese spicy made from roasted rice and then ground into powder). The material is simple but the taste of Nem Phung Dan Phuong is very wonderful, attracting all tourists in Hanoi.

In order to eat Phung’s authentic nem, visitors on Hanoi street food must go to Phung town in Dan Phuong. Phung town has long been known to many tourists as a place with many attractive rustic dishes, the most famous is Nem Phung. Nem Phung in Dan Phuong is processed according to the old traditional recipe, so it is very delicious and the price is also cheap.

Recently, in the streets of the capital, there are many locations selling Nem Phung, but Nem Phung in Dan Phuong district is still attractive to many tourists who come to and enjoy this specialty dish. From Hanoi capital, visitors going along National Highway 32 will come to Phung Town of Dan Phuong. Along the main streets of Phung town, tourists will meet many shops selling Nem Phung specialties such as Nem Phung Thai Cam, Nem Phung Ba Mam, and Nem Phung Hao Cuong …

  1. Phung Dan Phuong recipe

The main ingredients for making Nem Phung are lean pork meat and pork skin. Pork used to make Nem Phung is butt meat or tenderloin, including lean meat and fat. After being washed, pork will be cut and boiled. After seeing that the meat is cooked, the processor will continue to filter the lean meat separately, the fat meat separately, then chopped and mixed with fish sauce, salt, and MSG.

Pigskin must be a clean, separated from fat. The skin will be boiled twice and then sliced ​​into small pieces. After processing lean meat and pork skin, we continue to pass through the stage of making thinh.

Thing gao used to mix Nem Phung is made from nep cai hoa vang sticky rice (a delicious and famous type of sticky rice) in proportion 3 part of sticky rice : 7 parts of ordinary rice. For making thing become long-lasting and aromatic, in the process of roasting rice, the cookers must keep the fire low, stirring it evenly and quickly.

The final stage to complete the spring roll is to mix 3 lean meat, porkskin and thinh gao. To increase the flavor of the dish, people often add chopped lemon leaves to the mixture. Nem after mixing will be wrapped in fig leaves, banana leaf outside and tied. In the specialties of hanoi local food tours, Nem Phung Dan Phuong has the most simple recipe.

  1. The famous Phung nem shops in Hanoi

In Phung town, there are many shops specializing in processing Nem Phung Dan Phuong, including 2 brands well known by many tourists as Nem Phung Ba Mam and Nem Phung Thai Cam. Nem Phung Ba Mam shop is a shop originating from Nem Phung Thai Cam shop. Ms. Mam, the owner of the shop, is a relatives of Mr. Thai Cam, which is why she inherited the unique method of making Nem Phung of the Bui family.

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