Famous thanks to sticky rice dishes and also become rich thanks to the sticky rice dish, is Ke Ga village. The article will introduce to visitors on Hanoi street food tour the unique delicacy – Ke Ga sticky rice.

Ke Ga Sticky Rice

  1. Delicious food has a long history

Ke Ga village is an old name, later changed to Phu Thuong, in Tay Ho district, Hanoi. Located on the southern bank of the Red River, Ke Ga village has rich and fertile rice fields. Thanks to these fertile rice fields, the villagers of Ga village planted two kinds of most premium rice to cook sticky rice, which is nep cai hoa vang glutinous rice and dau keo glutinous rice.

It is unknown when cooking sticky rice in the village of Ke Ga was started, but people only know that the generations in the village have spread the craft to cook sticky rice for such a long time. For Hanoi people, the sticky rice cooking of Ke Ga village has become familiar and the sticky rice dish Ke Ga is brought around the capital every day. There is no need for a brand name, no packaging is required to specify the name of Ke Ga but only the taste of the dish, the gourmets of Hanoi also know the origin of sticky rice – Hanoi traditional food from this village.

In Ke Ga village today, more than 1,700 households are following the traditional profession of making sticky rice. And to bring the sticky rice to Ha Noi, there are nearly 3,000 people in the village doing it. Ke Ga sticky rice is sold not only in whole Hanoi but also brought to weddings, banquets, birthday parties, even to big hotels, five-star restaurants.

Therefore, for the connoisseurs of Hanoi, when mentioning to Hanoi specialties, it is impossible not to mention Ke Ga sticky rice. In the morning, just go to the beginning of the village, visitors can see the aroma of fragrant sticky rice flying throughout the village and also spreads over the countryside.

  1. Why is Roi Ke Ga considered a specialty of Hanoi?

Hanoi cuisine is famous for its sophistication and elegance, so it is not easy that a rustic dish such as sticky rice is listed as a specialty of Hanoi. In order to get such delicious sticky rice dishes, the people of Ke Ga village have to spend a lot of effort.

The first is choosing the rice used for cooking sticky rice. Sticky rice is always taken from Ke Ga rice fields. People take the nep cai hoa vang glutinous rice, choosing round and big seeds, not to mix ordinary rice and soak it for about 4 to 5 hours. Then clean 3 times and drain. In the past, the Ke Ga people only cooked green bean sticky rice and gac fruit sticky rice. Today, Voi Ke Ga has become much richer with new types of sticky rice such as sticky rice with coconut, xoi xeo sticky rice, peanut sticky rice, etc.

Each sticky dish has a unique way of cooking and in a meticulous manner. With green bean sticky rice, the workers have to select the round and even beans, peeled and soaked for 4 hours. After that, green beans are clean for many times. With xoi xeo sticky rice, green beans are put into the curtain cloth to steam. The green bean after being cooked will tightly grasped and cut into thin slices. With gac fruit sticky rice, people must mix gac fruit with white wine and mix well into rice, then add more sugar, salt. When sticky rice is well cooked, sticky rice is wrapped in dong leaves, fresh banana leaves washed and dried carefully.

Guests can enjoy sticky rice – hanoi street food from Ke Ga on many street vendors along Hanoi street. In addition, there are some sticky rice shops such as Ke Ga:

– Xoi Ke Ga Restaurant: Located at 52 Phan Dinh Phung, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.

– Xoi Xua Restaurant: Address at 128 Pho Duc Chinh, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.

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